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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

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The Department of Corrections Washington State has made inmate finding an extremely easy process by allowing one to search for details regarding an offender just by providing any of the following:

* The offender’s last name

* The offender’s Department of Corrections identification number

Details provided by the online database

The online database of Washington Inmate Finder only contains the following basic information about an offender, who is being sentenced by the court to any of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections facilities:

* Offender’s name

* His/ her Department of Corrections identification number and

* The offender’s current location

* It also gives you an option to register yourself for the ‘Victim Information and Notification Everyday’, which is commonly known as VINE. The VINE service allows a person to get updated information, anytime via email, phone or TTY device, about the cases against an offender and his/ her custody status.

What to do if you need further details?

If you need more details about an offender, currently held by the Department of Corrections Washington State, you can call the DOC at:

Phone Number: (360) 725- 8213

The Department of Corrections Washington State can be contacted via phone between 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Additional Information provided on call

The Department of Corrections Washington State can provide the following additional information if contacted through a phone call:

* Name of the offender

* His/ her current age

* Race

* Date of Birth

* County jail credit time

* Expected date of release

* Supervision conditions

* Date of conditional discharge from supervision

* Date if execution

* Department of Corrections identification number

* Details regarding facility movement

* Details of any financial fines imposed upon the offender

* Good time

* Parole date and

* Mandatory release date

Although the information available at the Washington Inmate Finder is updated every night, there are slight chances for the availability of inaccurate or incomplete information for which the Department of Corrections Washington State holds no responsibility. Also, the DOC Washington State does not provide information about criminal history of an offender and it is not liable for any misuse of the public records information provided for ensuring and promoting public safety.

Washington Inmate Finder
Washington Inmate Finder

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