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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

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Vermont Inmate Finder is developed by the Vermont Department of Corrections in collaboration with the Jail Tracker (a jail management software).

Vermont Inmate Finder allows you to search an offender who is either in a correctional facility, or a probation and parole facility or housing in Vermont. You can search for the offender simply by entering his/ her first and/ or last name. The search can further be streamlined by selecting the type i.e. released inmates, current inmates or by selecting all if you are not sure, and/ or a date range.

When you search for an offender through the Vermont Inmate Finder, it provides you the following details about the person:

* His/ her case number

* Status of the offender (whether he/ she is sentenced, detained, on probation or parole)

* Code

* A brief description about the charges on offender

* Warrant Number

* Bond Type (if applicable)

* Bond amount (if paid)

* The type of the court in which the case was tried

* Dates when the offender appeared before the court

* The date when the offense was committed

* Arrest Date and

* Arresting Agency

Additionally, it provides the following details, in a side column:

* Name of the agency which is currently holding the offender

* His/ her first, middle and last names

* Suffix (if any)

* The offender’s current age

* Time and date of booking

* Race

* Sex

* Alias

* Name of his/ her parole officer (if applicable)

* Name of the case worker

* Minimum and maximum release dates

* The date when the offender was released (if applicable) and

* Current status of the offender

However, for the confirmation of the details about an offender or for getting additional information, you need to contact the facility where the offender is serving the sentence. The information provided on the Vermont Inmate Finder is for the use of law enforcement and for general public to ensure public safety.

Vermont Inmate Finder
Vermont Inmate Finder

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