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Texas Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Texas

Texas Offical Inmate Finder

Texas Inmate Finder Information

To find and provide information on inmates, Texas Department of Criminal Justice is providing an online portal. This official Texas inmate finder helps determine the location of inmates who are currently incarcerated at any of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility. The search can be made using,

* Name- it is essential to provide the last name as well as at least the first initial of the first name

* The TDCJ number provided by the department

* The State Identification number (SID)

Gender and Race can also be specified to streamline the search. The information provided by TDCJ is only to ensure public safety. Any misuse of the information is liable to persecution and criminal charges. The information provided over email includes

* TDCJ number provided by the department

* Location of the offender

* The offense of conviction

* Any history of incarceration; this includes offense, county and court of conviction of crimes that caused previous incarceration

* Current incarceration

* The projected release date of the offender

Any requests, for the Texas inmate finder, over email must include the offender’s full name in the subject line, while it should be accompanied with the 7-digit TDCJ number issued by the department in the email body. The email should specifically mention what information is required from the above mentioned options and be sent at the address In case the inquirer does not know the TDCJ number, the exact date of birth of the offender will need to be provided. The service is free of charge but under no circumstances the photographs and security numbers of the offenders will be provided to the general public.

The website is updated every day, each working day of the week. Any glitches in the website can be reported at

texas inmate finder

texas inmate finder

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