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To find and provide information on inmates, Texas Department of Criminal Justice is providing an online portal. This official Texas inmate finder helps determine the location of inmates who are currently incarcerated at any of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility. The search can be made using,

* Name- it is essential to provide the last name as well as at least the first initial of the first name

* The TDCJ number provided by the department

* The State Identification number (SID)

Gender and Race can also be specified to streamline the search. The information provided by TDCJ is only to ensure public safety. Any misuse of the information is liable to persecution and criminal charges. The information provided over email includes

* TDCJ number provided by the department

* Location of the offender

* The offense of conviction

* Any history of incarceration; this includes offense, county and court of conviction of crimes that caused previous incarceration

* Current incarceration

* The projected release date of the offender

Any requests, for the Texas inmate finder, over email must include the offender’s full name in the subject line, while it should be accompanied with the 7-digit TDCJ number issued by the department in the email body. The email should specifically mention what information is required from the above mentioned options and be sent at the address classify@tdcj.texas.gov. In case the inquirer does not know the TDCJ number, the exact date of birth of the offender will need to be provided. The service is free of charge but under no circumstances the photographs and security numbers of the offenders will be provided to the general public.

The website is updated every day, each working day of the week. Any glitches in the website can be reported at webadmin@tdcj.texas.gov.

texas inmate finder
texas inmate finder

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32 responses to “Texas Inmate Finder

  1. looking for Larry Dieken, dob 9/17/65, inmate # 01835703. I am his brother and would like to make contact with him. thanks.

    1. In order to make contact an incarcerated inmate you will want to contact the Texas Department of Corrections. You can register your phone number with them and then receive phone calls from a Texas inmate.

      How to Contact an Inmate in Texas

      You can receive phone calls from a Texas incarcerated inmate by registering your phone number with the Texas Department of Corrections. Then you can receive calls from a Texas inmate. You can also make correspondence via mail.

    1. Are you looking for the Texas Correctional Facility for an inmate? If so you can lookup an incarcerated Texas inmate by going to the Texas Department of Corrections website and performing an inmate offender search.

      How to Locate a Texas Inmate

      1. Visit the Texas Department of Corrections website
      2. Enter the Texas inmate’s name and TDCJ number
      3. Enter the race and gender of the Texas inmate
      4. View inmate results including mugshots

    1. The best option to obtain your girlfriends jail number is to use the Texas Department of Corrections Offender Search. You can search Texas inmates by name, TDCJ number and SID number to find the incarcerated person you’re looking for

      How to Lookup a Texas Inmate Address

      1. Visit the Texas Corrections website
      2. Select the Free Offender Search tool
      3. Enter the name or offender search number
      4. View Texas inmate results

    1. With the Texas Department of Corrections offender search you can also lookup inmates by first and last name. If you still cannot find results then you might consider contacting them directly. Below is the TDCJ phone number for your convenience

      Texas Department of Corrections Phone Number

      Phone: 202-307‑3198

  2. Locating recently released federal bop inmate into Texas Dept criminal justice but current number unknown (fed #31160-380)

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have that Texas inmate information. Your best option would be to contact the Texas DOC and inquire about the Texas inmate you’re looking for.

  3. I would like to find kiane reeves.. he wrote me about three years ago horrible I miss placed his number . He was at our house all the time it was lik he was at our house all the tone with our boys . I want to do is write him know that people do care .. thank you for your help Thanking you
    Betty Reed

    1. You can find Kiane Reeves’ Texas inmate contact information from the Texas Department of Corrections website. There you can look him up by his name or Texas DOC number. Then you will verify the correct person, many times there are multiple people with the same first and last name, and view mugshots or identifiable body tattoos and then obtain contact information via mail, if possible. Sometimes depending on the nature of a person’s incarceration, contact might be difficult or easy. Find out more by clicking on this link to the Texas DOC website.

  4. I am looking for Miguel De La Rosa DOB 7-27-1992.Im his cousin would like to get in contact with him he\’s at la villa, tx ,but I don\’t know he\’s inmate number.I would like to know his address to send him letters plz and thanks

    1. In order to find your cousin’s location since he is incarcerated in a Texas prison is to visit the Texas Department of Corrections website and use their free offender search. There you can use their Free Texas Inmate Finder ( aka. Texas Offender Search ) and search by name, age and/or Texas DOC number. Since all you have is his name then enter as much information as you know and then review the results to make sure you’ve found the correct person. There are many listings for Miguel Rosa, it is a common name. Typically the results will give you additional information to verify you’re locating the correct inmate, such as mugshots, tattoos, etc..

  5. Ismael Gonzales TDOC #01706763 SID # 05902145
    I am his girl friend. He was taken from Grand Forks North Dakota and being transported to Texas. Since Jan 10th we have not heard or found him.

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have any information about this Texas inmate or their transfer. Your best option would be to contact the Texas Department of Corrections. They have a free inmate / offender search you can use and if that doesn’t give you the current location of your boyfriend then try contacting them directly.

      Texas DOC Phone Number

      (936) 295-6371

  6. I\’m looking for my brother. I\’m trying to make contact with him.
    Joseph C. Deboest
    Date of birth
    Spn: 01917897

    1. To contact your brother in a Texas state prison you can reach out to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and use their TX offender search to find your brother. Then once you’ve located him and his TDOC number you can correspond via telephone or via mail.

      How to Contact Someone in a Texas Prison

      Contact can be made to a Texas inmate through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. If you have their TDOC number then you can reach them via phone or mail. If you don’t have their TDOC number you can search for them with the Free TDCJ offender search online


    1. Monique, you might want to reach out to the Texas Department of Corrections directly about this Texas inmate’s location. Their Texas DOC phone number is 936-295-6371

    1. A good place to search is the Texas Department of Corrections website. They have a free Texas offender search you can use to find where an inmate is located. You can also contact them @ 800-535-0283

    1. Lonnie, a good place to start is the Texas Department of Corrections website. They have a free Tx inmate search where you can lookup people by name or TDOC number

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