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Tennessee Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Tennessee

Tennessee State Inmate Finder

Tennessee Inmate Finder Information

Finding an Inmate can be a painstaking task, but at least not in the case of Tennessee. The ‘TN Felony Offender Information’ application makes finding inmates an easy process by providing multiple ways to locate an inmate in Tennessee. To use the Tennessee Inmate Finder simply click on the above link, enter the full name of the inmate and search. If you know the inmate identification number it will make your search easier. Some inmates have the same first and last name so additional information might be required.

The TN Felony Offender website allows you to search for felony offenders who are in the custody and supervision of the Tennessee Department of Corrections or Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole. It tells you about a person’s current status, whether he/ she is an inmate, on probation or parole, their location and parole eligibility.

The TN Felony Offender Information can be accessed through the website and through a mobile app as well. The information is provided for public service, safety and convenience hence, it is free of cost.

The information available on the Tennessee Inmate Finder is submitted by multiple jurisdictions of Tennessee and is updated as regularly as possible. However, Tennessee Inmate Finder does not provide confirmation or elaboration of the information. If you want to confirm any of the information or need further details, you need to contact the originating jurisdiction.

Details needed to locate an offender in Tennessee

Tennessee Inmate Finder allows you to locate an inmate by entering any of the following details:

* First and Last names with Race

* TOMIS (Tennessee Offender Management Information System) ID

* State Identification Number (SID)

Although the Department of Corrections and the Board of Probation and Parole has tried to keep all the information available at TN Felony Offender Information complete, true and updated, they do not guarantee it and are not liable for any discrepancies.

Tennessee inmate finder

Tennessee inmate finder

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