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Rhode Island Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Inmate Finder

Rhode Island Inmate Finder Information

The State of Rhode Island’s Department of Corrections has launched the Rhode Island Inmate Finder. It facilitates search of inmates in all correctional facilities that come under jurisdiction of State of Rhode Island Department of Corrections. The purpose of making this portal is to facilitate the communication between the department and the general public using technology and computerized systems. The website provides access to certain information from the DOC files on inmates to help the finders have easy access without going through the trouble of having to visit the facility each time. To begin your Rhode Island inmate finder search, click on the link above and enter a first and last name. Make sure to cross reference your results with any additional information as many inmate have the same first and last names.

The website provides informational services but due to the regular updates made to the records of offenders, does not claim any warranties on 100% accuracy of the information. The information displayed on website may have expired or not been updated, hence the user will have to individually verify it.

The search can be made using the name of the inmate or their inmate ID. These two are the most effective, common and reliable ways to look up a inmate. You can also use town of residence to search for an offender. The website also has an option to use the race and age to find the inmate you are looking for. Inmate ID is an individual code that is assigned to inmates at the name of sentencing. This code is followed though all the paperwork and legal references throughout the tenure of the judicial term.

The webpage holds information on inmates that are currently held under jurisdiction of State of Rhode Island Department of Corrections. It does not display searches for offenders who have been released, finished their term or died due to natural causes.

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