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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

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Ohio Inmate Finder is an online tool created by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. The website displays records on the offenders that currently are imprisoned, are being supervised by Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections were released through judicial process or died due a natural cause during the period of incarceration. The website shows results expanded on the key name searched, whether first or last. It may include people who have their first name as the key phrase searched or the last. Results for names that have the key phrase searched included in the last name, for example search for ‘Brown’ may yield results for ‘Browning’, ‘Browner’, ‘Brown, Jr’, etc.

Other ways of searches include:

* County of Commitment – this search will yield results for offenders who are sentenced to incarceration under the jurisdiction of searched County.

* Residential County and/or Zip Code – Offenders with the status ‘APA Supervision’ or ‘Violators at Large’ are searched.

o APA Supervision- it will include results for offender who currently are under the status of APA Supervision as well as Violators at Large

o Violators at Large- it shows results for offenders who have somehow secretly escaped custody under APA Supervision.

* Next Parole Board Hearing Date – the results are displayed according to the next Parole Board Hearing Date of the offender.

* Offender Number – Offender Number is a 6-Digit code assigned to each inmate. The Digits are accompanied with a prefix letter; ‘W’ for females, and ‘A’ and ‘R’ for males.

The website has been created to provide safety to public and ease in locating inmates in vicinity of Ohio. The information is regularly updated and tried to be kept as accurate as possible, but does have a chance of error. Hence, the users would be responsible for the usage of information.

Ohio Inmate Finder
Ohio Inmate Finder

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