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North Carolina Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of North Carolina

North Carolina State Inmate Finder

North Carolina Inmate Finder Information

North Carolina Inmate Finder is a collective service of North Carolina Department of Public Safety and North Carolina Department of Correction. The website provides selective information on state prison inmates, probationers, and parolees in North Carolina. The records go back till 1972 and are regularly updated. The data can be downloaded in bulk as well for research purposes and statistical analysis. It provides special option to look up inmates who have escaped or were captured, absconders, inmate releases. Offenders can be searched through their name or inmate ID. Inmate ID is a unique code assigned to each inmate at the starting of their term.

North Carolina Inmate Finder has some special features which allow for research work through the records accessed on the webpage. For example, the Automated Query System allows generation of reports based on the criteria of analysis selected. Similarly, North Carolina SAVAN (North Carolina Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification) is a featured program that has been launched to ensure the safety of the victims. Through this feature a notification is sent to the victim, their family, friends and trusted people in their circle about the status, location and possible release date of the inmate.

NC Inmate Finder also has a database for registered sex offenders that is maintained by State Bureau of Investigation. The tool to search for registered sex offenders is called NC Sex Offender Registry and provides their residential addresses upon request. NCDPS Adult Correction records can also be accessed through the Law Enforcement Search tool.

The data provided on North Carolina Inmate Finder is accessible to general public upon request and provides ease through a computerized system. Detailed records can be taken from the facility in person. Any misuse of the information taken from North Carolina Inmate Finder is legally prosecutable.

North Carolina Inmate Finder

North Carolina Inmate Finder

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