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New Jersey Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of New Jersey

Official New Jersey State Inmate Finder

New Jersey Inmate Finder Information

To ensure public safety and welfare, State of New Jersey Department of Corrections has launched New Jersey Inmate Finder. The website gives access to selected information regarding the inmates incarcerated or under probation with the New Jersey Department of Corrections. The information revealed is guided by the limits set in New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA). The information on the offenders is updated regularly and the quick changes may have possibility of error, hence, the users would be using the information at their own responsibility.

The webpage provides a very vast scale for search. Offenders can be searched using SIBI umber, first or last name, sex, and appearance. Aliases can also be entered in the first or last name fields. The appearance search options include hair color, eye color, and Race. Inmates can also be searched though the County of Commitment and their current facility location. A possible age rage and birth date range is also open for search. This helps in finding inmates in case the finder does not know the right age or date of birth. The webpage also displays pictures of the offenders upon searching so that identification becomes easy.

The webpage is updated in order to clean the records and provide the most accurate information possible. For this reason, effective since August 2012, the offenders who serve their sentence and are released from the custody of New Jersey Department of Corrections, their records are no longer published on the webpage after a year of the expiry of their term. Though, information of offenders sentenced for Community Supervision for Life (CSL) or Parole Supervision for Life (PSL) is kept active on the webpage as their term is sentenced to be for lifetime.

New Jersey Inmate Finder

New Jersey Inmate Finder

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