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Montana Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Montana

Montana Department of Corrections Inmate Finder

Montana Inmate Finder Information

The Montana inmate finder provided by the Department of Corrections requires a first and last name or a Corrections Identification Number, which is a unique prisoner number issued by the Montana corrections department. If you only enter a first and last name, and the name is very common, the website will inform you that the search has too many results and you need to narrow down your search before you can continue. You can then conduct an advanced search by year of birth, race, gender, or offender type.

The Department of Corrections Montana inmate finder will show you data for all types of current and former offenders except for juveniles. They list inmates who are in federal prison as well as people whose sentences expired years ago and served their time more than ten years ago. They also allow you to search by alias and include alias names in search results. For example, if someone used the alias “John Smith,” you will be able to find him in the search under “John Smith.” When you click on the alias name, you can find out more information including the person’s legal name.

The Montana inmate finder will give you extensive information about the inmate including their year of birth, birth state, citizenship status, weight and height, tattoo and scar descriptions, and whether the person is left or right handed. You can also find out details of the inmate’s legal record, including the name of the offense committed, the date the crime was committed, when the person was sentenced, how long the person was sentenced to spend time in prison or probation, and any other prior offenses or convictions. If the person has been released from prison, you will be able to find out the release date.

If you are the victim of a crime in Montana, you can look up the inmate’s information through the inmate finder and click on the button that says “Victim Notification Request.” Through that link, you can sign up to be notified of an inmate’s release or if the person has an upcoming parole hearing. You can also sign up to be informed through the notification request system about an immediate family member’s pending release even if you are not the victim of a crime. However, this notification only applies to adult inmates who are in state prison, not minors, federal prisoners, or people who are being held in county jail on misdemeanor charges.

Montana Inmate Finder

Montana Inmate Finder

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