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Missouri Inmate Finder Information

The Missouri Inmate Finder takes you directly to the Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) offender search page. This offender search service is provided for for free to the general public. From this page you can search for any inmate in the state of Missouri who has been registered with the state’s Department of Corrections, regardless of whether they are currently being held in custody or they have already been released.

Inmates can be found using their first and last name or their Missouri Department of Corrections Identification Number (DOC ID). The search results will include detailed information such as an inmate’s full name, race, height, weight, distinguishing physical features, and a photo to help make sure you find the right person. Information about where they are currently being held, including mailing addresses and phone numbers, is also included for each inmate. This information is updated regularly and is thus rarely out of date. If you need proof that someone is or has been incarcerated in the recent past then locating their profile and printing out this information is generally sufficient.

It is strongly recommended that you make note of an inmate’s DOC ID once you have it. While the MODOC offender search allows you to search by full name, people with common names can get mixed up when dealing with other aspects of the system. Knowing someone’s DOC ID will make life easier for you and the people you work with to obtain information. It will also ensure that you are getting the correct information each time to reach out. If you are tracking an inmate for safety concerns then this will be an invaluable safeguard against getting the wrong information.

Missouri State Inmate Finder
Free Missouri Inmate Records Search

If you need more specific information on an inmate than is provided in the search results then it is best to obtain that information by phone. Each search result should include a phone number to a facility where an inmate is being held, to a specific office of probation or parole, or to the MODOC general line. The phone number provided is generally the best way to get information on the inmate you have searched for depending on where they are being held and the status of their charges. These phone numbers generally lead to very friendly people who can access information such as specific charges, plans for transfers between facilities, privileges granted while in custody (phone, visitation, etc.), court dates, and anticipated dates of release. They can also help guide you to people involved with the case including probation officers and public defenders.

How to Find Where a Missouri Inmate is Located

The Missouri Department of Corrections offers a free offender search. If you visit their website you can find the location of a Missouri inmate by their full name, as well as aliases, or by their correctional number. This offender search also provides information on probation and parolee status.

Missouri Inmate Finder
Missouri Inmate Finder

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Responses to “Missouri Inmate Finder

  1. I am simply trying to locate a distant cousin for an ailing relative. I really need to get this DOC #. Please help. I need to know his incarceration/probation or parole status.

    1. Lorri, we don’t have contact information for this person unfortunately but you can contact the Missouri Department of Corrections and use their free Missouri Offender Search tool to lookup your cousin by name. Go to the Kentucky DOC website and enter your cousin’s first and last name to find incarceration status as well as probation or parole information for the person in question

  2. Family is try to find out were there son is,which prison in Missouri he is in.I believe he got 7 years they want to locate him so the family can write to him.I think he has been in for around a year.family hasent heard from him.Don\’t know his d.o.C number please help us find out were he is housed, Thank You

    1. In order to find out where a Missouri inmate is incarcerated you can visit the Missouri Department of Corrections website and search for him by name, since you don’t have his DOC number. They have a free online Missouri inmate search tool that make it easy for you. If you are still having difficulties finding this person then you can call the Missouri DOC directly @ 660-646-4032

    1. To find the release date of you brother from prison, you can contact the Missouri Department of Corrections. It might be best to call them instead of inquiring online since they might not offer you a release date via their Missouri offender search tool. For your convenience, the Missouri DOC or MO Probation & Parole Board. We have listed the phone numbers below for your convenience.

      How to Find the Release Date of a Missouri Inmate

      To find the release date of a Missouri prison inmate you can contact the Missouri DOC @ 573-751-2389 or the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole @ 573-751-8488

  3. I\’m looking for an inmate by the name of William Thomas Estes form Columbia Missouri. He is a black male 31 years of age. I have tried the locator but I am having no luck.

    Thank you

    1. Alesia, unfortunately we don’t have a record of Williams location either. You might consider contacting the Missouri DOC directly. Their phone number is 573-751-2389.

    1. Most likely we don’t have information on that specific Missouri inmate. You can also locate an inmate using the Missouri Department of Corrections website. They have a free inmate search tool. We hope this helps.

  4. I am needing to see if my ex is still in prison or not. His name is Mark D. Patton. He was in prison in Jefferson MO. the last I knew. I also need to know if he is still living or not for my safety.

    1. In order to find the release date of a Missouri inmate you will want to contact that Missouri correctional facility directly or the Missouri Department of Corrections. If you visit the MO DOC website, you can use their MO inmate finder tool to locate the inmate you’re interested in and additional information about them.

  5. My sons mother is in missouri dept.of corrections. Her name is Madonna Jean Fetters. Ive tried looking her up on the website and get no where. Not sure of her DOC number.Why is it so difficult to locate her?

    1. Did you attempt to use the Free Inmate Finder that the Missouri DOC website offers? If this was inconclusive for you then you might want to call the MS DOC directly @ 573-522-1118

    1. How to Find an MO Inmate Release Date

      Missouri inmate release dates can be obtain from the Missouri Department of Corrections. You can use their free MO offender searchfree MO offender searchfree MO offender search. Just enter a name or MO DOC number to locate inmate information. If you cannot find the inmate or do not see a release date then you might consider calling them.

      Missouri DOC Phone Number


    1. We are happy to help you with a Missouri inmate search but we’re uncertain what you mean by a Missouri Don No.

  6. Recently found out a good friend of my family and I is in prison somewhere in Missouri. His name is Terrance Wrainwright..From what I’ve learned he’s incarcerated for life. I have not been able to locate any information on him. I would love to write him. Is there anyone that can help me find Terrance Wainright prison id and the address were he is housed so that I can write him. Thank you in advance, Theresa Walker.

  7. How can I find out my inmates release date? It doesn’t show it on casement or When I look him up on Missouri inmate search. I am told that there is a way to find out. Please help me.

    1. You best bet would be to contact the Mississippi Department of Corrections and perform an inmate search through them.

      How To Find Out if a Mississippi Inmate Has Been Released

      1. Visit the Mississippi Department of Corrections
      2. Perform an Inmate Search
      3. Enter First & Last name or ID Number
      4. View Inmate Status

  8. This is not me who sent this to you all. I know where my nd is and have always been able to find him thru any DOC inmate finder due to I know his Doc # and he calls me twice a day. This person who impersonated me on here with questions was Amy Denise Harris.

    1. We will certainly make a note of it. Do you have any questions we can assist you with about our Missouri inmate finder?

  9. I’m having problems as always..lol..my at the time boyfriend went to jail for making meth..well he been gone awhile..i don’t no his doc num..how can I find out if he is out or still there..lease help me

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