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Missouri Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Missouri

Missouri State Inmate Finder

Missouri Inmate Finder Information

The Missouri Inmate Finder takes you directly to the Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) offender search page. From this page you can search for any inmate in the state of Missouri who has been registered with the state’s Department of Corrections, regardless of whether they are currently being held in custody or they have already been released.

Inmates can be found using their first and last name or their Missouri Department of Corrections Identification Number (DOC ID). The search results will include detailed information such as an inmate’s full name, race, height, weight, distinguishing physical features, and a photo to help make sure you find the right person. Information about where they are currently being held, including mailing addresses and phone numbers, is also included for each inmate. This information is updated regularly and is thus rarely out of date. If you need proof that someone is or has been incarcerated in the recent past then locating their profile and printing out this information is generally sufficient.

It is strongly recommended that you make note of an inmate’s DOC ID once you have it. While the MODOC offender search allows you to search by full name, people with common names can get mixed up when dealing with other aspects of the system. Knowing someone’s DOC ID will make life easier for you and the people you work with to obtain information. It will also ensure that you are getting the correct information each time to reach out. If you are tracking an inmate for safety concerns then this will be an invaluable safeguard against getting the wrong information.

If you need more specific information on an inmate than is provided in the search results then it is best to obtain that information by phone. Each search result should include a phone number to a facility where an inmate is being held, to a specific office of probation or parole, or to the MODOC general line. The phone number provided is generally the best way to get information on the inmate you have searched for depending on where they are being held and the status of their charges. These phone numbers generally lead to very friendly people who can access information such as specific charges, plans for transfers between facilities, privileges granted while in custody (phone, visitation, etc.), court dates, and anticipated dates of release. They can also help guide you to people involved with the case including probation officers and public defenders.

Missouri Inmate Finder

Missouri Inmate Finder

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