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If your loved one is incarcerated in a Michigan penal institution, or if you suspect they are, don’t second-guess yourself and find out for certain with the Michigan inmate finder tool. This easy-to-use tool is available throughout the state to anyone desiring to use it to find out information about their incarcerated loved one. Using the Michigan inmate finder tool is easy and trustworthy, since immediately you’re connected to the Michigan Department of Corrections website. You’ll need only the name of the inmate and/or the inmate identification number of learn the location of incarceration and other information about the facility. You can even schedule an appointment to visit with your loved one online, learn important information about the facility, read frequently asked questions, and more. Should you need to reach the Michigan Department of Corrections directly, you may access a staff member by calling 855-466-2832. You may also request a Family Information Packet by calling this number.

Background Information Available: Michigan Inmate Finder Tool

Use the Michigan inmate finder tool not only to access public information concerning your incarcerated loved one, but also to find information concerning the incarcerated individual’s prison records, length of incarceration information, prior arrest history, and similar information. There are many occasion when this information proves to be valuable. Make sure that you have it readily available when needed by using the Michigan Inmate Finder tool. While all information is believed to be accurate and up-to-date, it is in your best interest to check directly with the Michigan Department of Corrections if you feel that there is an error in the provided information. Keep in mind several inmates at the DOC may share the same name. the more information you have about the person, the easier that it will be to find out that need-to-know information. Unlimited access to the background information and prisoner search is available at no cost via a free 5-day trial. If you need actual, factual information at your disposal, sign up for your free trial to access as many records as you would like at no cost.

Michigan Inmate Finder
Michigan Inmate Finder

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    1. Our Michigan inmate finder and incarceration records search only works by searching by name. We don’t offer lists for public consumption. That being said, you can also check with the Michigan Department of Corrections website. They also offer a Free Michigan Offender Search where you might be able to obtain a list of Michigan inmates at specific institutions.

      Michigan DOC Phone Number


  1. I need something with my addition to modoc,for a parole violation, and my first admission into mdoc, with the mugshot pictures,with my charges were and sentence was.

    1. You will want to reach out to the Michigan Department of Corrections for this Michigan inmate information. We do not have all those specific pieces of information you are looking for. Since we are not affiliated in any way to the MDOC then you will need to reach out directly. Please reach out if we can assist you at a later date for Michigan public records.

    1. Andrea, we don’t show any Michigan inmate transfer information on for Timothy Vanderlin. You might want to reach out to the Michigan department of corrections and use their Free Michigan Offender Search. If you cannot locate Timothy with this free tool then you can chat with a Michigan DOC representative and inquire about whereabouts of Timothy

    1. We don’t show what Michigan prison Tad is located in. Your best option would be to visit the Michigan Department of Corrections and use their Michigan offender search tracking system. You can search by name or Michigan Department of Corrections Number.

      How to Locate an Inmate in Michigan

      1. Visit the Michigan Department of Corrections website
      2. Use their Free Offender Search Tracking System
      3. Search by Name or MDOC number
      4. View and verify inmate and inmate location

  2. Im trying to go back to college and they said that i never regestered through selective service,I told them that i was locked up alot during 1995 until last year and never knew about the selective service program,I need a copy of my record and all the times I was locked up at the genessee county jail thank you,its really important I get this information sent to me.

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