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Massachusetts Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Inmate Finder

Massachusetts Inmate Finder Information

The Massachusetts Inmate Finder available through the Massachusetts Department of Correction allows the public to search for Massachusetts criminals online. You will need to know the inmate’s first and last name or the commitment number, which is a unique inmate number issued by the department of corrections in Massachusetts. Even if the person has not yet been convicted of a crime, he will be assigned an inmate number if he is in jail awaiting trial.

Once you enter in the offender’s name or commitment number, you will be able to see where the inmate is currently being held or incarcerated. Depending on whether or not the information is entered into the system, you can learn the person’s age, race, gender, and date of birth. You will be able to determine the offender’s status, which shows whether or not the person is still in custody or out on probation.

If you need to contact the inmate or want more information about visiting an inmate in Massachusetts, you can click on the link provided in the search results to the facility where the person is in custody. Some prisons and jails in Massachusetts do not list the visiting hours or procedures online, which means that you will have to call the department of corrections to obtain this information. You will need to know the offender’s commitment number, which you can find on the inmate finder website by clicking on the offender’s name and the “more info” link. Copy down the number for future reference to speak with the department of corrections about the status of the inmate, to inquire about visitation policies, or to send mail to a prisoner.

If you are the victim of a crime and are concerned about the status of an offender, you can sign up through the inmate finder website to be notified if the offender’s status changes. For example, you can be notified if the person is up for parole, is released, or is moved to a different facility. Family members of inmates can also sign up online to be notified in any changes to an inmate’s status in Massachusetts.

If you prefer to find an inmate over the phone, you can call the Massachusetts Department of Correction at (877) 421-8463. To locate an inmate by phone, you will need to know the inmate’s first and last name and the inmate’s commitment number.

Massachusetts Inmate Finder

Massachusetts Inmate Finder

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