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Maine Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Maine

Maine Department of Corrections Inmate Finder

Maine Inmate Finder Information

The Maine Department of Corrections system inmate finder allows you to search for adult inmates who are currently incarcerated and adults who are out on probation. You can enter in as little information as you know, including just a first or last name, and still find results through the Maine Department of Corrections website. If you know more details and do not want to spend a long time scrolling through inmates with similar names, you can enter more detailed information into your search such as the person’s date of birth, height, weight, or race.

Once you enter your search data into the Maine inmate finder, the website will show you a list of people with similar names. If there are two people with the same name and you don’t know which is the correct date of birth, you can click on the names to see if a mugshot photograph is available. If you don’t know what the person looks like or there is no mugshot picture available, you can try to narrow down the results based on the inmate’s race or location. The Maine inmate finder will show you the status of each prisoner as “incarcerated” or “in community.” “Incarcerated” means that the person is currently in jail or prison, while “in community” means out on probation. The inmate finder will let you know which incarceration facility in Maine is responsible for the prisoner.

New inmates are added into the Maine Department of Corrections website daily, but sometimes facility chances are not updated. Sometimes a prisoner will be temporarily held at a different facility, for a trial or other court appearance date, without the website being updated. If you are looking to visit an inmate, you will want to call the specific facility to confirm that the person is there and the visiting procedures. If you are writing a letter to an inmate, make sure to obtain the inmate’s corrections number from the website as you will need to write it on the envelope.

The Maine Department of Corrections website advises people not to rely on the inmate finder search results for a complete criminal background history. If you need to know a Maine inmate or former Maine inmate’s complete criminal history, you can request that information through the Maine State Police’s Public Criminal History Request service online. Maine charges fees associated with obtaining a notarized copy of an inmate’s criminal history. You can also request juvenile records through the Maine State Police, but some information might be redacted to protect the privacy of minors.

Maine Inmate Finder

Maine Inmate Finder

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