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The Kentucky inmate finder is available through the Kentucky Department of Corrections website. You can search for inmates in Kentucky by their legal first and last name or by their aliases. You can also conduct an advanced search by Department of Corrections number, offender type, supervision status, location, age, crime or conviction date, race, gender, or location. When you conduct your search, you can check a box to be able to view any available photographs of the person. If there is a mugshot available in the system, you will be able to see the photograph and know for sure whether you recognize the individual. The more information you can enter into the system, the easier it will be to narrow down your search.

The Kentucky corrections department allows you to search for people who are currently incarcerated in the state as well as previous inmates who have served their time. There is also a section to search for escaped inmates. You can search specifically for death row inmates as well. If you are searching for someone who has been arrested but is not currently serving time in a Kentucky prison, you can do an advanced search to find someone who is awaiting sentencing or going through a pre-trial diversion program for drug or alcohol abuse. You can also search for formerly incarcerated people who are out on probation or parole, former convicts who are listed in the sex offender database, and people who are otherwise under community supervision.

If you are looking for someone who was recently arrested or convicted in Kentucky, you might have trouble finding them in the database. According to the Kentucky Department of Corrections website, it sometimes takes more than 120 days for new offender data to be finalized and entered into the system. According to the department of corrections, victims of crimes can expect to be notified directly by the corrections department regarding any changes in custody of a convicted offender, such as if the inmate is relocated to another facility or has been released. If you are a Kentucky crime victim who wants to be notified when the offender’s parole hearing is coming up, you can call 1-800-511-1670. Because of privacy laws concerning minors under the age of 18, you will not be able to locate minor inmates in the online database.

Kentucky Inmate Finder
Kentucky Inmate Finder

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  1. When I put my husbands name in now it says server error, what am I doing wrong, until yesterday I could look Jeff up to keep updated on his minimum out date. How can I fix this? Thank you.

    1. Theresa, you should contact the Kentucky DOC directly about this issue, you can call them directly @ 502-564-4360. It’s unclear why this might be happening if you’re looking with their website resources. If you are making this inquiry through please let us know as we can assist you directly with our 24×7 customer support.

  2. I\’m trying to findout the mental, physical wellness for my son Corey DeShawn Priest. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Pamela Beard his mom

    1. Pamela, if you contact the Kentucky Department of Corrections they will be able to give you more information about your son. You can also find out how you can obtain contact information for him either on their website or calling them directly @ 502-564-4360

  3. Trying to locate my soon to be ex husband Walter Earl Darling jr to make sure I’m safe and where to send divorce papers to. Last I saw he was in laurel co correctional center for rape.

    1. Tabatha, you will want to reach out to the Kentucky Department of Corrections directly to inquire about your husbands location and mailing address. You can visit their website and use the free Kentucky offender search or call them directly for your inquiry

    1. Harvey, to locate your son in a Kentucky prison you can visit the Kentucky Department of Correction’s website and use their free offender search tool. You can find the location of your son with a simple name search and contact information

    1. James, if you visit the Kentucky DOC website they have a free inmate locator where you can lookup inmates by name and find their name and contact information for them

    1. Janna, you can contact use the Kentucky Department of Corrections website tool to locate your son and obtain contact information for him. If you go to their website and select the “offender search” tool you can locate your son with a simple name search

    1. Daniel, we are not showing which Kentucky correctional facility Sean Dabney is located in. You can also visit the Kentucky DOC website and use their free inmate search tool to try and locate him

  4. I simply want to find my brother-Bryan Lee Shaffer. He\’s 58.District 18/Owensboro/Daviess County. KENTUCKY. I found a PID # -87373. DOC.241302 IF THAT HELPS YOU. IT DIDN\’T ME. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

    1. Mary, we ran your brother’s Kentucky PID# and did not find anything either in our Kentucky inmate record resources. You might want to contact the Kentucky DOC directly @ 502-564-4360. They also have a free inmate finder tool that you can try using to find your brother if you visit their website @

  5. I was trying to see if my husband was released from the detention center in Lexington KY. His court day was the 13th of September and that\’s the only address I had to send him divorce papers after looking for him for five years.His name is Tony A Dray please help I need info please.

    1. If you click on the Free Kentucky Inmate Search Button you will be taken to our Free Inmate Finder. There you can utilize our 5 day free trial and search unlimited inmate and criminal records. After that period you will be charged a monthly amount. If you cancel before the 5 days are up you will pay nothing and be able to search for free for those first 5 days.

  6. I am currently trying to locate a friend that was in Louisville, Ky jail. he is no longer there and I have been trying to locate him so I can apply money to his account. He has not been released and I believe his next court date isn’t until March. He had no bond so I know he didn’t bond out. How can I locate him

      1. When you click on the offender search it gives this error – 500 – Internal server error.
        There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

        Why is that? Are they just updating their database & is that why the site is down?

        1. Thank you for the feedback on our Kentucky Inmate Finder and yes you are correct, we are updating our Kentucky inmate database resources

  7. I am searching for my brother, Claude Simmons, Jr. My last correspondence with him was at a facility on West Liberty Road in Kentucky. His bday is 9-9-1962 and he should be up for parole or maybe paroled already. I have not heard from him in 18or so months. I don’t have a booking number so I am asking you for help. Please help me find my brother.

    1. Your best option for locating you brother, if he is still incarcerated in a Kentucky prison, is to visit the Kentucky Department of Corrections website and use their Kentucky Offender Search.

      Kentucky Offender Search

      1. Visit the Kentucky Department of Corrections website
      2. Use their Free Kentucky Offender Search
      3. Enter the full name of the person incarcerated
      4. Enter as much additional information as possible
      5. View inmate/offender results and photos

  8. I have been searching for my brother, Claude Simmons, Jr. for the last 18 months. His last address was on Liberty Road in the facility there. His bday is 9-9-1962 or 1963, he’s 6’5 and approx. 250lbs. How can I get in touch with him ? My last address was on Pennwood Las Vegas, Nevada

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