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Kansas Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Kansas

Kansas State Inmate Finder

Kansas Inmate Finder Information

The Kansas inmate finder at the Kansas Department of Corrections website will let you search for Kansas inmates by name or inmate number. If you do not know the inmate number issued by the Kansas Department of Corrections, you can just search by name. You can also conduct an advanced search by entering the prisoner’s social security number or state ID number, birth date, race, gender, conviction county, or prison facility. The more information you are able to enter into the advance search, the less time you will have to spend narrowing down your search results. ┬áTo use the Kansas inmate finder see the form above, enter a name and search.

The Kansas inmate search database will provide you with a list of results that display the prisoner’s ID number, whether or not the person has already been convicted, the person’s race, age, and date of birth, and the prisoner’s status within the Kansas justice system. If the person has been labeled as discharged, then that means his sentence is completely served. If the person is labeled as on parole or as actively serving time, then the sentence is not complete and this person is still considered a Kansas inmate by the state.

Once you are satisfied that you have located the correct Kansas inmate, you can click on the inmate’s name to find more information. You will be able to see more about the person’s demographics such as height and weight, eye and hair color, and whether or not the person has any known aliases. If there is a mugshot or other photograph available, you will be able to view the image. You will also be able to see if the person has been considered a criminal threat even after release and the crime security level assigned to the prisoner at the time of sentencing. For example, a non-threatening drug offender will be under less security than someone whose crime involved causing bodily harm to someone. This information is made available to the public because it is a matter of public record and can help you to determine if someone is still a threat even if they are released on parole.

Some people will not appear in the search results even if they are currently incarcerated in Kansas. The state does not list minors in the online database due to privacy laws. Sometimes a person who is no longer under age 18 will still not appear in the system as an adult only because he was sentenced as a minor originally.

Kansas Inmate Finder

Kansas Inmate Finder

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