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Iowa Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Iowa

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Iowa Inmate Finder Information

You can use the Iowa State inmate Tool to obtain information about people who are currently in Iowa county jails or state prisons. You can also look up arrest records or inmate information by county. Through the Iowa Department of Corrections website you can search by name, date of birth, sex, location, criminal offense, and county where the crime was committed. The more information you know and are able to enter into the database, the easier it will be to find an Iowa inmate. To begin your Iowa inmate finder search, enter a name in the form above.

The search information you enter into the system will help you to narrow your search. If you only know the name, you might be given a list of various people who share the same name. You will then be able to see each person’s offender number, date of birth, and sex. This information will hopefully enable you to narrow down the search to which specific inmate you need to locate. Once you think you have found the correct individual, you can click on the person’s name to find more detailed information.

Once you click on the inmate’s name, you will be able to see the status of the person’s progression through the Iowa corrections system. You will see the type of felony or misdemeanor the person is convicted of, the county in which the person was sentenced, and the date of the sentencing. You can see whether the person is on parole, currently in prison, or in county jail awaiting trial. You can also see whether or not the person is eligible to be released from prison. If the person is eligible for parole, you will be able to see the parole date eligibility. If the person is not eligible for parole, the website will say that the person is serving a life sentence without parole.

Sometimes an inmate will have a history of criminal offenses, and you will be able to see a list of those past convictions as well as the details of those sentences. You can find out if someone has been in prison before, which crimes he has served time for, the dates he served and was previously released, and any other publicly available information that pertains to the person’s involvement in the Iowa corrections system. If the person committed crimes in a different state, then that information will not be available on the Department of Illinois website. Do not assume that someone does not have a criminal past just because he or she is not listed on the Iowa website. The person could have been convicted multiple times in other states or served time in federal prison.

Iowa Inmate Finder

Iowa Inmate Finder

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