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You can locate an Illinois inmate by using the Illinois Department of Corrections website. You can search by the inmate’s IDOC number, which is a unique prisoner number assigned by the department of corrections. Or, you can search by birth date and last name. To use the Illinois inmate finder, technically you will only need to know the inmate’s last name. However, you can save yourself a lot of search time if you know the inmate’s birth date, especially if the inmate has a common last name. Without a birth date, the Illinois inmate finder website will display every Illinois prisoner who shares the last name and even names related to the last name. For example, if you type in “Rob” it will show you last names like “Roberts,” “Robins,” and “Robinson.” To use the Illinois inmate finder, enter a name in the above form.

The Illinois Department of Corrections inmate finder will only show you prisoners who are part of the state prison system, which accounts for people who have been convicted of state crimes. If you are searching for someone who committed a federal crime and is being held in a federal prison in Illinois, you will have to use the federal inmate finder to locate that prisoner. The Illinois Department of Corrections recommends searching for federal prisoners through the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

If you are unable to locate an Illinois inmate through either website, you might want to call the Illinois Department of Corrections directly at 217-558-2200. Sometimes information is not entered into the database if a person has not yet been processed through the system or if there is an error in entering the person’s information. You might not be able to find out anything online about people who are still at an Illinois county jail awaiting their trial or sentence, as Illinois does not put people into the public record database until after they have been sentenced.

Each state has a different policy about when to remove state prisoners from their database. In Illinois, once a person has been served his sentence, his information will be taken out of the database. However, sometimes the information remains in the database even after someone has been been released from prison because the person is out on parole or probation. Technically, an inmate is still part of the corrections system until the entire sentence is served. If a sentence includes parole, probation, community service, etc., then the person’s information will remain listed on the Illinois inmate finder website even after they are no longer an inmate.

Illinois Inmate Finder
Illinois Inmate Finder

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Responses to “Illinois Inmate Finder

    1. Tina, you can contact the Illinois Department of Corrections to find out information about the inmate in question. For your convenience their phone number is 217-558-2200

  1. I\’m looking for Amy Baird from Iowa. I\’ve lost contact with her n cant find her. She served time at Rock Island county jail in Il. Then went to Logan or Lincoln correctional.

    1. Pamela, you can contact the Illinois Department of Corrections to lookup where your friend might be located. The Illinois DOC offers a free offender search that you can lookup the location of inmates by name or DOC number. You can also call the Illinois DOC directly @ 217-558-2200

  2. Hello, I\’m looking for the address to my son\’s court date of December 4th. He\’s 18 years ofnage and doesn\’t allow me to know the real reason he has been with an ankle monitor since sept of this year. As a mother, my heart breaks! Coukd you be so kind to send me address of cook county court house? His name is John Barrera, born on June 28, 2000. Appreciate someone who can direct me. Thank you

    1. Irma, we would love to assist you however we don’t have any direct connection to the Illinois court system. Your best option would be to contact the Cook County courthouses near you and inquire with the court clerk. They will be able to assist you with pending court cases. Pending court cases are not yet public records that you will be able to find on 3rd party public record websites until they’re completed and sentencing has taken place. Here is a link to our Free Illinois Courthouse Finder

  3. I have been trying to get in contact with my Son since I found out that he was in custody in November 2017. I have found out that isn’t as simple as that. I am, Jason Channing Hawkins’ biological.

    1. In order to get in contact with an incarcerated Illinois inmate you will want to contact the Illinois Department of Corrections directly. With the Illinois DOC, you can use their inmate finder and locate an inmate. Typically you can contact any inmate via mail. If you want to contact the Illinois inmate by phone or email you will want to contact the prison facility directly.

      How to Find an Illinois Inmate

      1. Visit the Illinois DOC website
      2. Use their Free Offender Search
      3. Enter the inmate’s last name or DOC number
      4. View Illinois inmate results

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