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Think of the Georgia inmate finder as your dynamic link to the Georgia Department of Corrections website,  and its Find an Offender tool, allowing you to search by inmate name, gender, race, age and most recent institution. Conversely, you can also search by ID or case number; because of all these possibilities, cross-referencing as many fields of data as possible to conclusively locate the correct inmate is imperative. The Find an Offender service is offered by the Georgia Department of Corrections for the safety and convenience of the general public, and as such strides have been taken to make sure published information on its website is complete and accurate.

The Georgia Department of Corrections, its contractors and employees make no guarantee with regard to the completeness or accuracy of any information garnered through the use of the service. What’s more and similarly, this inmate finder as offered by SearchQuarry assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies, its intention being a reference guide only – if it’s necessary to obtain an official inmate record or information, contact the Georgia Department of Corrections directly. According to the GDC, by using its Find an Offender service, you acknowledge that you understand it is strictly your responsibility to confirm any information you may obtain through personal written correspondence via:

The Inmate Records and Information Division
PO Box 1529
Forsyth, GA 31029

This should be done prior to making any assumption that such information is factual and complete.

By using the Georgia inmate finder, you may have the opportunity to obtain details such as general visiting guidelines, inmate contact information, ways to forward currency or packages and answers to frequently asked questions. Because this information is in the public domain, the primary purpose of the inmate finder is to promote public safety and public welfare. For all other inquiries contact the GDC directly at (404) 656-4661.

Georgia Inmate Records

Georgia inmate records can be viewed by clicking here. These online inmate records should be considered for reference only, with official variants requiring obtainment from the Georgia Department of Corrections. Inmate records that can be viewed online may include sentencings, incarcerations, prison records, court records, inmate history, jail records and more. Please note that some of this information found in the online database may have inaccuracies, and is intended, again, for reference only.

Georgia Inmate Finder
Georgia Inmate Finder

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