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Think of the Georgia inmate finder as your dynamic link to the Georgia Department of Corrections website,  and its Find an Offender tool, allowing you to search by inmate name, gender, race, age and most recent institution. Conversely, you can also search by ID or case number; because of all these possibilities, cross-referencing as many fields of data as possible to conclusively locate the correct inmate is imperative. The Find an Offender service is offered by the Georgia Department of Corrections for the safety and convenience of the general public, and as such strides have been taken to make sure published information on its website is complete and accurate.

The Georgia Department of Corrections, its contractors and employees make no guarantee with regard to the completeness or accuracy of any information garnered through the use of the service. What’s more and similarly, this inmate finder as offered by SearchQuarry assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies, its intention being a reference guide only – if it’s necessary to obtain an official inmate record or information, contact the Georgia Department of Corrections directly. According to the GDC, by using its Find an Offender service, you acknowledge that you understand it is strictly your responsibility to confirm any information you may obtain through personal written correspondence via:

The Inmate Records and Information Division
PO Box 1529
Forsyth, GA 31029

This should be done prior to making any assumption that such information is factual and complete.

By using the Georgia inmate finder, you may have the opportunity to obtain details such as general visiting guidelines, inmate contact information, ways to forward currency or packages and answers to frequently asked questions. Because this information is in the public domain, the primary purpose of the inmate finder is to promote public safety and public welfare. For all other inquiries contact the GDC directly at (404) 656-4661.

Georgia Inmate Records

Georgia inmate records can be viewed by clicking here. These online inmate records should be considered for reference only, with official variants requiring obtainment from the Georgia Department of Corrections. Inmate records that can be viewed online may include sentencings, incarcerations, prison records, court records, inmate history, jail records and more. Please note that some of this information found in the online database may have inaccuracies, and is intended, again, for reference only.

Georgia Inmate Finder
Georgia Inmate Finder

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Responses to “Georgia Inmate Finder

  1. I\’m looking for, Hitchcock I\’m an old boyfriend and I\’m trying to help her to put some money on her books would like to know where she\’s at name is Carmen Hitchcock coy

    1. Terrance, if you visit the Georgia Department of Corrections website they have a free inmate search where you can locate where your old boyfriend is. You can also contact them by phone @ 770-504-7312.

    1. If you go to the Georgia DOC website and use their free offender search you can plug in that Georgia DOC# and find out about your cousin. We did a search and found him in just a few seconds. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

  2. I have a grandson named Caleb Jackson. He is 18 years old and I am told will be in prison until he is 21. I live in Utah and would like to correspond with him, if possible.

    1. In order to obtain correspondence information with a Georgia inmate you will want to contact the Georgia Department of Corrections and locate your grandson’s contact information via their inmate search or you can call them directly for more information at 770-504-7312

  3. Yes I am trying to find a website that it\’s free to just enter he/she full name birthday to see if and when they were in prison and how they were in and what was they charge ….. Etc…..

    1. Find When a Georgia Inmates Comes Up For Parole

      You can contact the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles to inquire about a Georgia inmate parole date or a tentative parole date. If they do not have the the parole date available you can also contact the Georgia Department of Corrections to find out the status of an inmate.

  4. My husband is in the hall county detention center in Gainesville ga and I need to know when his release day is his name is Gregory maness 50 years old I cannot find out anything

    1. We don’t show any record of this person in our Georgia death index. You might want to reach out to the Georgia Department of Corrections or the GA prison where David is incarcerated to inquire about his status.

      How to Find if an Inmate has Died

      To find if an inmate is deceased you can contact the relevant prison or the state’s Department of Corrections. Most states have a free inmate lookup tool where you can find out information about an inmate online.

  5. My name is Ms. Lucille Lawson Dixon and my son was sentenced to three years in prison. I checked online and it said that his maximum release date is January 06,2022. Does that mean he has to serve all three years? His name is Wilbert Lester,Jr. and his number is:100834909.

    1. We are uncertain as we don’t have a direct affiliation with the Georgia DOC or any Georgia correctional facility. Typically, a person’s release from Georgia prison depends on a multitude of factors such as; what type of crime was committed, any additional crimes committed in prison, behavior in prison, potential parole options, etc.

      That being said, you might want to reach out to the Georgia Department of Corrections directly to inquire more details about his release from prison.

  6. My name is Ms. Lucille Lawson Dixon and I am trying out my son release date from prison. He was sentenced to three years in prison. His name is Wilbert Lester Jr and his number is:1001834909.

    1. To inquire about your son’s release date from a Georgia prison, you will want to contact the prison directly or the Georgia DOC. They will be able to offer you more information about the release date. Our GA criminal records database does not show that information.

    1. To get a complete copy of your son’s Georgia prison record you will want to reach out to the Georgia Department of Corrections directly. You might be better off contacting them via phone before navigating their website so you can save yourself some time and frustration. Since you are immediate family they might be able to grant you his entire prison record but you might want to verify this with them over the phone. Here is the Georgia DOC phone number for your convenience … 404-656-4661

      1. Larry, if you’re looking for your wife and she is currently incarcerated in a Georgia state prison or jail then you can use the Free Georgia Offender Search. With the Georgia state offender search you can lookup Georgia inmates by name. Enter as much information as possible and find out where your wife is located.

  7. I was trying to pull a report on a ex immate the time he was book until his release date he is now a inactive immate he has identiy theft and tried to give proof of in jail during 2011 name is John Booker Blanford no longer know is DOC number date of birth is 8/03/1979 if can help or point me in the right direction

    1. What kind of report are you interested in looking up? Are you trying to locate a Georgia inmate or locate a Georgia inmate’s criminal record.

      Another option is to visit the Georgia Department of Corrections website. There you can lookup Georgia inmates with a name instead of their Georgia Department of Corrections Number.

  8. I am looking for William Trey Bush, he’s about 34-36 years of age from Albany ga. He was just in lee county jail waiting to go to prison. I know he’s gone from lee but when I went to send an email on jpay it said he isn’t active. If he’s in diagnostics would his gdc number be active? I believe he would be in Jackson. Please help. Thanks in advance

    1. Unfortunately we don’t show current new listings for William Trey Bush in our Georgia. You might want to reach out to the Georgia Department of Corrections website and use their Free Georgia Offender Search. If you still cannot find where William is located then you can contact the Georgia DOC phone number.

      Georgia Department of Corrections Phone Number

      Georgia DOC Phone Number: 404-656-4661

  9. Hey I am looking for my husband’s father. He was sentenced about a month ago. But now don’t know where they shipped him. Please help…

    1. Your best bet to find out what prison your father was shipped to is to contact the Georgia Department of Corrections. They offer a Free Georgia Offender Search that you can lookup inmate information including photographs so you can be sure you’re looking up the correct person.

  10. I just want to find William Donald Green, Jr. I do not know where he’s incarcerated. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

  11. We are trying to locate the prison inmate William Donald Green, Jr. is in. He is African American/Black and approximately 45 yrs old. We think he was tried and or sentenced for attempted Murder. We’ve been told he received 25 yrs for that offense, but we are not sure and have no idea where he’s incarcerated. DOC number or any other information is unknown.

  12. I am unable to find Antonio Terrell Davis anywhere and ice been searching the internet for two hours now.. He is from Dublin, GA charged with the murder of Timothy Jones in 2015

    1. We do not show any inmate listings in our Georgia criminal database for Antonio Davis from Dublin Georgia. Your best bet to locate him, since he is incarcerated, is to contact the Georgia Department of Corrections and use their offender finder.

      How to Find if Someone is in Prison

      1. Contact the state’s Department of Corrections website
      2. Select the offender or inmate finder
      3. Search by name and DOC number
      4. Verify inmates by name, mugshots & tatoos

  13. Please can you help me find my friend who’s important to me? He was taken from a Tn county jail to Ga but I can’t find him.

  14. I’d like to know where this person is and what prison he’s in please notify me if you can give me an address as to where my husband is thank you

    1. We can certainly search our Georgia inmate records for your husband. We will need his full name and age to search our inmate database. The other option is to contact the Georgia Department of Corrections Inmate Finder.

      How to Find What Prison My Husband Is In

      1. Visit the Department of Corrections website
      2. Click on the Offender Search
      3. Agree to the terms of use
      4. Enter all available information
      5. View inmate results including photos

      1. Mark Allen Thompson birth date 11 05 64 May currently be out of prism released in 2017 I am his wife Sharon Lee Thompson and I need to get in touch with him and I don’t know how I haven’t communicated with him in 10 years like you

  15. My name is Peggy Mae Sayles. Wayne Oliver ware is my BROTHER. WAYNE HAS A TWIN BROTHER HIS NAME IS WARREN ALBERT WARE. WE ARE WONDERING WHY OUR NAMES ARE NOT LISTED AS relatives we have the same mother but different father we notice Wayne wife ( Fae) name is listed ONLY

    1. Sometimes public records are incomplete as there are many different agencies that report this information to public record repositories. In order to correct this with the state of Georgia you will want to contact the various government agencies directly to correct this information. Also, many times there are people with the same first, last and middle names so you should also verify that you are looking at the correct record. An age, previous addresses are a good way to verify your looking at the correct public record for the correct person.

      1. What are the name of the Government. Agency should I contact to get my name. Added to the list. Now I noticed that my brother name has been added but not mine. We might not gave the same last name but we had the same mother.

          1. Georgia Department of Health Phone Number

            (404) 679-4702

            Georgia Department of Health Address

            1680 Phoenix Blvd #100, Atlanta, GA 30349

        1. Have the same last name. Myour MOTHER name was Wheatley Beverly Ware Sayles. My mom was married to Oliver ware. And my Fatger name was James Sayles. We also had a Sister her name was phoebe ware Rankins. She died a week after our mother died in JUNE 30 2003 & JULY 2003.

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