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The Florida inmate finder will connect you with the Florida Department of Corrections website, where you can then connect to the site’s Offender Search tool. Once there, you will gain access to the Corrections Offender Network, which offers a plethora of categories to choose from including “Search All Corrections Offender Databases,” “Inmate Population Information Search,” “Inmate Release Information Search,” “Inmate Escape Information Search,” “Supervised Population Information Search” and “Absconder/Fugitive Information Search.” To begin a Florida inmate finder search enter a name in the form above.

The Florida Department of Corrections, in the interest of public safety, makes available to the general public – and law enforcement agencies – information and photographs of incarcerated inmates. This information is updated weekly, except for location changes and release dates, which are updated on a nightly basis. For additional information, contact the Department of Corrections Bureau of Classification and Central Records – Policy and Systems Development Sectionat (850) 488-9850 or visit central.classification@mail.dc.state.fl.us.

By selecting the Florida Department of Corrections’ single-search criteria, you will be granted access to a comprehensive tool that covers all databases (Inmate Escapes, Absconder/Fugitive, Inmate Releases, Inmate Population, Supervised Population); however, because database information can differ, only search options related to criteria common to all databases will be provided. For example – the search criteria “Warrant as of Date” would only apply to the “Absconder/Fugitive Information Search” and no other database. As such, it would not be considered an element for criteria when searching all databases.

Florida Inmate Records and Additional Info

Because it is intended to be a reference guide, this inmate finder assumes no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies. To attain an official copy of inmate data or records, contact the Florida Department of Corrections directly at (850) 488-5021. The goal of this Florida inmate finder is not only to promote public welfare and safety, but to provide information services. Further, if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of an offender in Florida, it is requested that you contact the Florida Department of Corrections’ Bureau of Probation and Parole, Absconder Unit at (850) 717-3475 weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, or your local law enforcement agency.

Florida Inmate Finder
Florida Inmate Finder

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Responses to “Florida Inmate Finder

    1. Your best option for locating a Florida inmate is to contact the Florida Department of Corrections website and use their Free Florida Offender Search. With the Florida offender search you can lookup Florida inmates by name or their Florida Department of Corrections number. If you still cannot find the Florida inmate in question you can also call the Florida Department of Corrections Directly.

      Florida Department of Corrections Phone Number

      Florida DOC Phone Number: (850) 488-5021

  1. i am trying to locate patrick arthur padgett. his last residence was2372 cortez rd. in jacksonville, florida. if he is out of prison i would like to contact him. i have some boat molds that belong to him.

    1. We have several addresses for a Patrick Padgett in our Florida Public Records Database. We will need a middle name or age to filter the results. You might also contact the Florida Department of Corrections to find out if he has been released from prison.

      How To Check If A Florida Inmate Is Out Of Prison

      1. Visit the Florida Department of Corrections Website
      2. Search their Inmate Release Information Search
      3. Enter the first and last name and DC Number
      4. View inmate photos and release dates

  2. Hi, I’m trying to locate my niece, Christine Lynn Mayo ( Lawrence) maiden name Murray. She was born in approximately November 1965? Her parents were Gary Murray and Yvonne Hall Murray Clark. I believe her arrest occurred in Gainesville, Florida.

    1. Samantha, if you visit the Florida Department of Corrections website they have a free Florida offender search that you can use to find Jeffery’s location and contact information

    1. Justin, you can use the Florida Department of Corrections offender search and lookup his name and find out what his Florida DOC number is

  3. I have a family member incarcerated @ FDC but I\’m unable to set up an account for him because I don\’t know his DC# so how can I locate it?

    1. Michelle, every state has it’s own Department of Corrections where they have a free online offender search where you can lookup inmates by name or DOC number. The Federal BOP also has a free Federal Inmate Search tool you can use. If you let us know what state your looking for this family member in we can give you more information.

  4. I am trying to find my brother \”Preston Craig Strickland\” so I can write him and see how he is doing and if he needs anything.

    1. Vincent, if you go to the Department of Corrections website, in the state your brother is incarcerated in, you can use their free inmate finder tool and lookup your brother’s information with a simple name search.

    1. Kenneth, you’ll want to reach out to the Florida Department of Corrections directly. You can either use their free offender search tool, where you can lookup Florida inmates by name or call them directly @ 850-595-8920

    1. Leslie, if you visit the Florida Department of Corrections website you can search for your daughter by name or DOC number. You can also call the Florida DOC directly 850-488-5021

  5. I am trying to locate my son. Michael Louis Norris born June 10th 1969 in Seward, Alaska
    The last I heard from my son was he was arrested in Jacksonville Florida in March or April 2019
    Then Green Cove Springs, Florida

    Then he was sent too Lake Butler
    FL. From there I do not know

    1. Carolyn, we are not showing Michael Norris’ current incarceration location in Florida. That being said, you can contact the Florida Department of Corrections directly or use their online inmate finder resources to locate your son’s current location and contact information.

    1. Jioanne, you can visit the Florida Department of Corrections website and use their free Florida inmate search tool to locate your boyfriend and obtain contact information for him. You can enter either the FL inmate name or DOC number, which you have.

  6. I am trying to locate Brittany Titus who was convicted in Ocala FL in March 2019 and sentenced to 15 years. I have some items of hers and what to know what to do with them.

    1. The best way to get in contact with a Florida inmate is to contact the Florida DOC directly and inquire about getting contact information on this person. You can use their online inmate search tool or call them @ 850-488-5021

  7. I wanna know more about Lillie Morgan we were locked up in Germany together 20 yrs ago I would like to know if she is eligible for parole now. I know she is in fci Tallahassee.

    1. Manuel, we only support domestic public records in the United States so we cannot offer you any information about Germany. That being said, we don’t show an inmate record for this person in Tallahassee. A good option for you to find this Florida inmate’s location is to use the Free Florida Offender Search provided by the Florida Department of Corrections. You can search by name or Florida DOC number.


    1. Juan, unfortunately we do not have any record of Tina White in our Florida public record database. If she was arrested by the Florida sheriff department then you can call them and inquire if she is in custody. If it was the Florida police then you will want to contact them to inquire. It really depends on what Florida law enforcement agency was the arresting party.

    1. Chelsea, we don’t have any addresses to reference for the Florida inmate you mentioned. You can also contact the Florida Department of Corrections and use their free Florida Offender Search or you can call the Florida DOC @ 850-488-5021

    1. Your best option in this case Lana is to contact the Florida Correctional Facility directly to inquire about this situation. Unfortunately we don’t have any information about your son or how his Florida DOC Number could be changed.

  9. I really don’t know where my son is incarcerated at this time. I’ve consistently called the prison to get permission to visit. I was told he was being transferred to another facility. I have to wait for him to call and say where he is. All I ask is, where is my son!? Robert Whittle

    1. Jeanette, unfortunately we don’t have the ability to find out about a Florida prison inmate that is in transit. The only advise we can offer is to try and stay persistent and hopefully you’ll talk to someone that can help you locate what Florida prison your son is incarcerated in.

    1. We didn’t locate the Florida inmate you mentioned but we do see an active Florida arrest warrant for Robert for Driving Under The Influence. If you’re attempting to locate Robert’s current incarcerated location you might try reaching out to the Florida DOC website and using the Florida Offender Search.

    1. Our Florida inmate finder did not come up with any results for Arkeem’s location. If he was originally incarcerated in Georgia and then moved to Florida you might want to contact both the Florida Department of Corrections and the Georgia Department of Correction. Both of these state agencies have a Free Inmate Finder and/or Free Offender Search where you can lookup the location of this incarcerated inmate. Below are links for your convenience

      Click Here To Run an inmate lookup via the Florida Offender Search
      Click Here To Run an inmate search via the Georgia Offender Search

  10. I\’m try to locate Federico Feliciano-Pizarro alias (papa) don\’t know the last address family want know in wich prison him are please

  11. I am trying to find which Prison Scott Belbef is in – I’ have been talking to him & putting money on his comisary- I had access to his Bank –
    Since he was taken to Prison from the Sarasota Jail I cannot find out where he is now –
    Can you please help me – Thank You in advance

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have that information in our Florida public record database. You might consider contacting the Florida Department of Corrections to inquire about where the person in question is incarcerated in Florida. With the Free Florida DOC website you can locate Florida inmates by name or DOC number.

    1. If you are looking to contact a Florida Incarcerated Inmate your best option is to contact the Florida Department of Corrections website and use their Florida Offender Search. You can lookup Florida inmates by name or DC number. Then you can find out how to contact that inmate via phone, mail or email.

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