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California Inmate Finder Information

The California inmate finder will take you to The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). There you will be able to find inmates by name and inmate identification number. Make sure that if you’re searching inmates by name that you cross reference as many fields of data as possible to insure you’ve found the correct inmate. The inmate finder might have errors or inaccuracies so it’s important to verify the sensitive information you locate. This inmate finder assumes no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies and is intended as a reference guide only. If you need to obtain an official copy of inmate records or information then reach out th the CDCR directly. If you notice any inaccuracies that should be corrected please contact the CDCR at (916) 445-6713.

California State Inmate Finder
Free California Inmate Records Search

With the California inmate finder you’ll be able to find inmate contact information, visiting guidelines, how to send money or packages and frequently asked questions. The purpose of this inmate finder is to promote public safety and public wellfare as this information is public domain. The inmate finder is designed for information services only and official records can be acquired by contacting the CDCR directly.

California Inmate Records

If you’re interested in viewing inmate records online, click here. These online inmate records are for reference only and official copies must be obtained from the CDCR. Inmate records that can be viewed online might include; incarcerations, sentencings, court records, prison records,  jail records, inmate history and more. Make sure that you verify as many fields of data as possible as many people have the same name. Some of the information found in this online database might have inaccuracies and is intended for reference only. Try our premium membership free for 5 days and lookup unlimited California inmate records.

California Inmate Finder
California Inmate Finder

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Responses to “California Inmate Finder

  1. Trying to find my brother Darryl lee Love.He is from San Bernardino California CA. My name is Natalie Love I am Darryl Love sister

  2. Im trying to locate the address of an inmate named Antoin Michael Viescas who is said to be incarcerated in a prison in California. Iam interested in corresponding with him thru mail. He is 52 yrs. Old on this Month. January 24.

    1. Aurora, you will want to reach out to the California Department of Corrections to find CA inmate contact information. You can use the free California inmate search on their website or contact them via phone for more information

  3. I am looking for Christopher William Allen, Age 50 and last known place of incarceration was San Luis Obispo. I received a Vinelink message in Colorado stating he had been transferred with no further details. I\’ve had no success in locating him anywhere! Thank you!

    1. Joanne, we are unable to find this California inmate’s location either. You can try using the free California offender search through the California Department of Corrections website. They should have the location of this inmate listed. There are sometimes some delays when an inmate is transferred before their location is posted. You can also call the California DOC directly @ 916-324-7308

    1. Nina, unfortunately we do not have the ability to lookup California Department of Corrections employees. You can contact the California DOC directly at 916-324-7308 and make your inquiry with them

  4. My brother\’s name is Frederick malgra Garcia I was told he went to prison to coalinga State prison I don\’t know if it\’s federal or stat I don\’t have his booking number if I could only get a call or text message to let me know if he\’s there or not thank you so much

    don\’t have his booking number I would like to know if that\’s where he\’s at if I could just get a call or text
    And let me know if that\’s where you sat or not thank you very much

    1. Trlini, there are a couple of options to locate this California inmate and find out if they’re in a state or federal run facility. We’ve listed these options below for you to check out.

      How Can I Locate a California State Inmate?

      The California Department of Corrections has a free California offender search tool that anyone can use to locate inmates in a state run facility. This offender search tool will also give information on parolees and those actively on probation.

      How can I Find a California Federal Inmate?

      The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a free Federal inmate search tool that can be used to locate federal inmates anywhere in the United States. You can lookup federal inmates by name, alias or BOP number.

  5. I am looking for Rosemary Heather Miller, age 43, W99408. I was writing to her on Jpay, and haven’t heard from her. I also coincidentally cannot find her on the California Inmate Locator. Would you be able to assist me please?

    1. We understand your concern in locating a California inmate that is no longer located at the previous correctional facility. This happens quite a bit where CA inmates are moved around, for various reasons. If this inmate was moved to an out of state penitentiary or prison then you can check nationwide using the Federal BOP Inmate Locator. You can search by the BOP register number or by name.

      Good luck, we hope this helps

    1. The best place to look for this inmate is to visit the CA DOC website. They have a free California inmate finder tool you can use. Just enter the CA Inmate Number -or- First and Last name and search.

      California Department of Corrections Phone Number


  6. I am trying to locate Gloria Giannini age 77 checked vine and; id or jail ID. they only have her old record as being released she has been in jail since January and transferred her after trial I do not know her location or her bkg#

    1. We do not show that information about her being released or what institution she might still be in. Your best bet is to continue to contact the California Department of Corrections about that inmate inquiry.

  7. I am looking for an inmate by the name of Jr. Lucero and (aka Junior Castullo Lucero. He is approx. 50 years or some old. Last known Prison Avenal, Ca. in 2015. He has been in a long time over 30 plus years. His California number starts with a C I think C 7 but I cannot remember more. I have lost contact over the years, although we were married in 1993 In Kern County ( Tehachapi, CA) I need to know if he is alive, released or still living . Thank You, NJL

    1. You will want to visit the California Department of Corrections website and use their Free California Inmate Locator. You can search for incarcerated California inmates by DOC number or by first and last name. If you still cannot find your husband then you might want to contact them directly. Below is the California Department of Corrections contact information.

      California Department of Corrections Phone Number

      Phone: 916-445-6713

        1. To obtain a California Inmate CDC Number you will want to contact the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website ( There you can search for inmates by CDC Number or By Name. Since you know the first, last and middle name of the California inmate in question you should be able to obtain the information you’re looking for. If you are still unable to locate the inmate you’re trying to find you can call the California Department of Corrections phone number for assistance. We have listed the CDCR’s contact information below for your convenience.

          California Department of Corrections Contact Information

          Phone: 916-445-6713
          Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 4:30pm

    1. Your best bet in finding a booking number for a California inmate is to contact the California Department of Corrections. We do not have an affiliation with any California government agency so you will need to contact them directly about this. The California DOC website does have a Free California Inmate Locator where you can find California inmates,and their information, with a first and last name

    1. We do show there are multiple California Criminal Records for the person you mentioned. Some of the charges are misdemeanors, however we do not show what jail or prison Gilberto is located in. Your best bet to finding this person is to use the Free California Inmate Locator from the California Department of Corrections website.

      How To Find A California Inmate

      1. Visit the California DOC website
      2. Use the Free California Inmate Locator
      3. Enter a Name or Inmate Number
      4. View California Inmate results

    1. Are you looking for an incarcerated person in California? Do you have her son’s first name and age to help us find the information you’re looking for.

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