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The Alabama inmate finder takes you to the Alabama Department of Corrections (, where you will be able to search for inmates by name and inmate identification number. If searching inmates by name, ensure that you cross-reference as many fields of data as possible to conclusively locate the correct inmate. Because the inmate finder may exhibit errors or inaccuracies, it is vital to verify this sensitive information when located. This inmate finder assumes no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies, and is intended strictly as a reference guide – if you need to attain an official copy of inmate records or information, contact the Alabama Department of Corrections directly. Similarly, if you note any inaccuracies that should be corrected, please call the ADC at (334) 353-3883.

Through the Alabama inmate finder, you will be able to uncover inmate contact information, visiting guidelines, how to send money or packages and the answers to frequently asked questions. The purpose of the inmate finder is to not only promote public safety and welfare – as this information is within the public domain – but to provide information services; official records can be acquired by contacting the ADC directly.

Alabama Inmate Records

If you are interested in viewing online inmate records, click here. These online inmate records are for reference only, and official copies must be obtained from the Alabama Department of Corrections. Inmate records that can be viewed online may include incarcerations, sentencings, court records, prison records, jail records, inmate history and more. Make sure to verify as many fields of data as possible, because many people possess the same name. Additionally, some of the information found in this online database might harbor inaccuracies (thus why it’s intended for reference only). Try our premium membership free for five days and search through unlimited Alabama inmate records.

Additional Details About Alabama Department of Corrections’ Inmate Finder

The database as found on ADC’s website only contains currently incarcerated inmates, so historical data is not available online at this time. The first and last name search fields can be implemented on a separate basis or in conjunction to locate records of inmates; if data is entered in both name fields, records matching both of them will be shown only. Data entered in these fields is used in an open-ended search of the inmate records.

Alabama Inmate Finder
Alabama Inmate Finder

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Responses to “Alabama Inmate Finder

  1. My father was moved from Florida to Alabama but nothing has been updated in the Florida correctional website – what information do I need to local him ? If he was transferred to a different state )

    1. Cindy, we can assist you with your Alabama inmate search if you provide us with the full name of the person in question. You can also visit the Alabama DOC website and use their free offender search tool

  2. I’m looking for two friends Francisco Miguel and Joel Aquiles til now no where to be found. Please help me find them.I heard they were locked somewhere in Alabama.

  3. Hi I\’m looking to find my brother Joseph Jenkins heard he was locked up in Alabama somewhere not sure where tho in Alabama please help me locate my brother

    1. Angel, we don’t have any record of the person you mentioned in our Alabama criminal record resources. You can also contact the Alabama Department of Corrections directly or visit their website and use their free inmate search to try and locate your brother

  4. I am looking for my son.His name is Rickey Neil Smith.I am his mother.We called where he was and they said he was there and didn\’t know where he was.Please help me.

    1. Betty, you can visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website and use their free offender search to find out the location of your son. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

  5. Im looking for ny cousin melissa morrison ferell laar i heard she was in jail in alabama.its very important i contact her.ive falling ill and need her to help me with everdat chores and shopping my name is ddrema harnish and i live at 139 bradford ln appomattox va 24522 my phone number is 574 229 0252 any news you could give me would be greatly apreciated

    1. Derma, we are not showing any information this person in Alabama. You can reach out to the Alabama Department of Corrections, on their website you can lookup Alabama inmate contact information online with a first and last name

    1. Cassie, thanks for reaching out about our Alabama inmate finder. To inquire about an AIS number to contact an Alabama inmate you can search the Alabama DOC website to find out this information or call them directly @ 334-353-3883

  6. I\’m looking for Danny Lynn whitworth 52 of falkville Alabama for his son I\’m trying to locate him for him

    1. We show an Alabama arrest charge for a Danny Whitworth from 2014 however we don’t show his current location of incarceration. You can also reach out to the Alabama Department of CorrectionsAlabama Department of CorrectionsAlabama Department of Corrections and use their free inmate search to try and locate where Danny is located. You can lookup inmates by name or AIS number

  7. I need a time sheet for Donica Lee Fastnicht to show when she was put in prison to she was released she in Chilton county jail on a FTA when she was in prison and could not be

    1. If you are attempting to find an Alabama inmate that is on parole then your best option would be to contact the Alabama parole department and inquire there. If this inmate is still incarcerated then you can reach out to the Alabama Department of Corrections. Unfortunately we do not have any information about the location of this person that is on work release in Alabama.

    1. We don’t show the current location of the Alabama inmate that you mentioned. Another place to look for the whereabouts of this person who was incarcerated in Alabama, is the Alabama Department of Corrections website.

      How to Locate an Inmate in Alabama

      1. Visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website
      2. Select their Free Alabama Inmate Search
      3. Search by AIS Number or First and Last Name
      4. View Inmate Results and select the correct one

  8. Can I not just find out if and what jial purson is in for free I don\’t need to know any thing else about the purson

    1. We are happy to assist you with an Alabama Inmate Search. We will need the full name of the Alabama incarcerated person and their age. Another option is to visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website. You can lookup Alabama inmates by name or Alabama Institutional Serial Number.

      How To Find an Alabama Inmate

      1. Visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website
      2. Enter a name and/or AIS number
      3. View inmate records & verify the correct one
      4. Locate where the inmate is incarcerated

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