San Bernadino County Court Records

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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

San Bernadino County Court Records Search

San Bernadino County believes in serving the people through all possible means. It not only aims to provide a just and accessible law system but also helps the people follow it. For this reason, the Superior Court of California, San Bernadino County court records are available to the public in order to provide easy, reliable, authentic and helpful information to the citizens. The San Bernadino court records service has now been improved with provision of electronic images of documents of civil cases.

The fee structure has also been kept reasonable, with court case information made available at no extra charges. However, document images are charged and range from a nominal fee of $0.5 per page to a maximum of $5 charge per document.

The information about ach court case is handled with extreme care, with a particular consideration for confidentiality. The records are transferred from authentic paper files to an electronic data base. However, the Superior Court of California assumes no responsibility nor gives any guarantee of the content of court records with regards to typing errors or technical inaccuracies. They are transferred from one format to another on the principle of ?as is?, implying that the transferring process or availability of a document is not to be held responsible for any error in information.

Similarly, the Superior Court of California takes no responsibility and does not give any guarantee of any specific use of the information, its completeness or its utility. The usage of the court records will be done at the responsibility of the accessing party.

Electronic records are maintained comprise of records from 1998 to date. To access case files prior to 1998, a visit in person will be required.

You can look for information and access the files through case number search, name search, master name search, calendar search or through the option of ?Unlawful Detainers Less Than 60 Days Old?.

San Bernadino County Court Records
San Bernadino County Court Records

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  1. says:

    Unfortunately we do not have that information in our resources. Was the house foreclosed on or was it a short sale or maybe a property lien seizure?

  2. says:

    I would like to know the date my house was sold the property address is 35233 maple street Barstow ca 92311. I would like to know if I can get a letter with the date that the house was sold or information were I can get it at

  3. says:

    Hola Miguel,

      Desafortunadamente no podemos ayudarle con esa información. Usted debe comunicarse con el secretario de la corte del condado de San Bernadino para obtener más información.

    ( Unfortunately we cannot assist you with that information. You should reach out to the San Bernadino county court clerk for more information. )

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  4. says:

    Yo tube in DUI en el 2004 en Barstow CA y nesecito el nombre del abogado que me Alludo con mi Caso Les agraceria so me pueden mandar su nombre Tengo in familiar que nesecito de in abogado el de encuentra en la siudad de orange CA por favor so she pueden communication con migo

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