Protecting Yourself From Your Social Media Friends

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Protecting Yourself From Your Friends on Social Media

“A bad friend is even worse than an enemy.  An enemy you can be seen and avoided, but an insincere friend is difficult to detect.”

Friends are in a unique position to hurt you because they have your trust. Social media has made it easy to be “friends” and share many details of your life with hundreds or more people. Some of these social media friends may also become involved in your life outside of social media. Wouldn’t you like to know if these friends are lying to you about who they are.

Let’s face it, people lie. This doesn’t mean that everything is a lie or that most people are lying about important things, but it is a statistical fact that if you have enough friends, then some of your friends are really pulling the wool over your eyes.
Known Fact – About 4% of People Are Sociopaths

Sociopaths are the most dangerous people that you can come across. Sociopaths enjoy your suffering. If you are targeted by a sociopath, you will likely not figure it out until it is too late.  Sociopaths are expert liars, and they will fabricate a story about themselves that makes them very appealing. When you let a sociopath into your life, you have set yourself up for destruction.

Some of Your Social Media Friends Are Sociopaths

Let’s do some math. If 4% of people are sociopaths, and you have 200 social media friends, then about 8 of your social media friends are probably sociopaths. This is correct. You are sharing intimate details about yourself with some people who love to watch you suffer.

How to Know if a Social Media Friend is a Sociopath

It is not easy to determine if someone is a sociopath, but if someone is lying to you about major events in their life story then they could be a sociopath. A Sociopath is a pathological liar. It is a good idea, if you are going to let someone into your life, to find out if their story is what they say it is.

  1. Check their friends on social media. This is an easy thing to do. Does this person have a suspicious group of friends on social media? Does their group of social media friends give you a bad feeling? Do the friends that they have on social media line up well with the person that they are with you?
  2. Check their public records. If your social media friends are lying to you about who they are, then those lies will probably reveal themselves in their public records. Sociopaths are often criminals with a long history of crimes and litigation. It is increasingly easy to check anyone’s background online.

Check Your Friends – Especially the Suspicious Ones

Do you have any friends that you suspect may be truly bad people? Maybe they have several felonies that you are not aware of? Maybe they have been sued many times because of their terrible behavior? It makes sense to double-check the story of anyone you are suspicious of who is your social media friend because they may end up taking advantage of you.

Check Their Public Record For Free

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