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Pinellas County Arrest Records Search

An arrest record is also called a criminal record. It details an individual?s criminal history. A person?s arrest record will contain the person?s legal name, address and age. It will include his or her complete details about their arrest as well as prior arrests. Once arrested the individual will be read their rights, and then be taken to be fingerprinted, photographed and any identifying marks will be noted in the records. The Pinellas County arrest records will show race, weight, height, social security number and any other different names the person has ever been known to use.

Arrest records will also disclose if a person has been suspected of criminal activity, how many times arrested, questioned by police, taken into custody or detention or apprehended. It will also show if the person has been indicted or tried for any offense. The record will show if a crime on the record was a misdemeanor or a felony along with monetary restitution or fines associated with any arrests. The record will show any pending litigation, criminal conviction hearings and all arrests.

Pinellas County Arrest Records Are Criminal Records

There is a big difference between being arrested in Pinellas County, Florida, and having a criminal conviction record. Individuals may be arrested, but that does not mean they have been found criminally guilty of the crime. Being arrested does not mean you have committed the crime, it means you are suspected by Pinellas County law enforcement of committing a crime.
A conviction of a crime is the only proof on record of a person being held for criminal activity. Conviction of a crime and having an arrest record are two different things. An individual who has been arrested is one that has been physically apprehended. Arrest records only become a part of a person?s criminal record when he or she has been found guilty of a crime.The Electronic Freedom of Information Act in 1996 brought the public even greater availability of their records. This act brought about the transparency of records online for all individuals looking for certain records. Before this act a person had to contact the law enforcement agency and make appointments to see their own records. This act makes the digitization of arrest records even easier for individuals to obtain. The retrieval of public documents is now made easy, efficiently and extremely quickly.If you need to obtain a copy of your own Pinellas County arrest records you can do it online or in person. If you are doing it online, go to the county where you were arrested in your browser and click on arrests records. Some counties update their computers by the hour and some take a little longer. Find your name, or fill in the form request for your record. If you don?t have a computer you can go down to the Pinellas County police station in the county where you were arrested and obtain a paper copy of your arrest.
Pinellas County Arrest Records

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