Ohio BMV Records

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Ohio BMV Information

Ohio BMV (Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles) maintains all the driving records of the state, which is a state run agency. The bureau gets access to personalized information to ensure that they have a good database that keeps reliable records by various arms of government, including other certified companies that may require the same.

Ohio Driver’s License Information

  • Ohio Driver’s License Number
  • Full Name & DOB
  • Address
  • Physical Description
  • Ohio Driver’s License Status

Oho BMV Driver Services

  • Driver Licensing Services
  • Driver Education
  • Driving School
  • Driving Records
  • Driver Abstract
  • Traffic Citations
  • Driving Record Points
  • VIN Records
  • License Plate Records
  • Vehicle Title Records

The Ohio Motor Vehicle Department is managed on a state level which means you can visit any Ohio BMV and obtain Ohio driver services. A photo ID is required to verify your identity before any official records are released by the Ohio BMV. Ohio driving records are public record which means that you can also lookup someone else’s Ohio driver records.

How To View Ohio BMV Driving Records Online

  1. Visit the Ohio BMV website and request Driving Record via a form that you download and send back via mail, email or fax. There is a small fee for copies of driving records. Processing may take several weeks.
  2. Online public record websites offer access to Ohio driving records, traffic citations, DUIs, police reports, arrests, convictions and more. It is also possible to find vehicle records, license plate and VIN records. These are all public information via the Freedom of Information Act.

The only caveat to online public record websites is the information is often for reference only and cannot be used for employment, rental agreements or security clearances. If you’re in need of an official driving record then you will want to contact the Ohio BMV directly

SearchQuarry.com offers access to driving and vehicle records but they are for reference only. Results are instant and you get unlimited searches when you sign up. This means you can lookup anyone’s public driving records online. All searches are anonymous and confidential.

Ohio BMVCertified Ohio BMV Driver Abstract

This is a display of your entire official driving record. It shows the number of accidents you have had, tickets, violations, your Ohio driver’s license points, and personal information used for identification. Official certified copies of your Ohio Driver Abstract can be obtained in online or in person from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Obtaining Driving Records For Employment

In order to use a driving record for employment purposes must be obtained from the Ohio BMV or an FCRA Certified public records website. Many online resources are for reference only and cannot be used for employment, rental agreements or security clearances. These non-certified services will offer you a quick but sometimes limited view of your driving history. People request their certified driving records for a multitude of reasons. They might want to just verify their record, use it for a job that involves driving, school applications, security clearances and more. There are also many companies that use FCRA certified services for information from insurance companies, licensed private investigators, courts, government agencies, tow companies, employers, new publications, and private transportation companies.

If you are wondering how you will find out about your driving record or that of someone else, the process is pretty simple. You can obtain them from the BMV in person, online, or by mail. You do not have to visit the BMV in person if you opt for the online method. To request for the records in person, you have to visit the office of the regional driver license reinstatement center and provide your ID as proof. You must fill out the appropriate form and pay the corresponding fee for a certified copy for employment

Ohio Driving Learner’s Permit

You are allowed to practice driving before you get your Ohio drivers license and your Ohio vehicle registration. The learners permit is for people who are below 15 years of age who have enrolled in a driver education course. You must show a valid certificate of driver education enrolment from your educator. Also, there must be identification documents, a vision screening pass, and knowledge of the examination.

New residents who have a valid driver’s license from other states or foreign countries do not need to have a learner’s permit to get their driver’s license. If you were 21 years or younger at the time you got your drivers license, it is considered probationary until you turn 16.

How To Renew Your Ohio Driver’s License

– Fill out the renewal form by mail, online or in person

– Your license must be active without suspension

– You will have to pay $6 administrative fees

– You may have to pass a standard vision screening and knowledge examination

Ohio BMV New Vehicle Registration

If you are buying a new car at an Ohio dealership, the seller should handle the registration and title paperwork on your behalf. The law requires your dealer to provide you with a new title in 30 days after your purchase. As the buyer, you will have to pay sales and use tax on the purchase price of the car. You may be

Free Online Public Record Resources

– Free criminal and traffic court finder allows you to locate places, websites, and phone numbers of a criminal county and traffic court

– Federal courthouse finder allows you to locate any court in the U.S. they are conveniently listed with their phone numbers and addresses

– Free DMV finder allows you to locate a DMV using its websites, phone numbers, and locations These DMV offices may have different names in different states, but they perform the same tasks and have the similar services and opportunities for members.

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Responses to “Ohio BMV Records

  1. says:

    Trying to renew my license.

  2. says:

    Adam, you will want to contact the Ohio BMV directly about the suspended driver’s license. We do not have the ability to look that information up with our Ohio BMV record resources

  3. says:

    How due u find out what a reff# is n why they say license are suspended indefinitly.i have never had an ohio license im so confused

  4. says:

    Chris, you will need to contact the Ohio BMV directly to inquire about what you need to get your Ohio driver’s license. It depends on if this is your first driver’s license or if your driver’s license was suspended. The BMV will direct you as to what requirements you need to fulfill to get your license.

    Ohio BMV Driver’s License Requirements

    1. Full Legal Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Legal US Status
    4. Social Security Number
    5. 2 Ohio documents that state your address

  5. says:

    How do I see what things I need to get my driver license please help

  6. says:

    No problem Karen, we will cancel your subscription ASAP. Please reach out if we can assist you with any Ohio BMV records or information in the future.

  7. says:

    Please cancel my subscription because it is not helping me thank you Karen Tiller

  8. says:

    Thank you for your feedback about the Ohio BMV and your experience with Ohio traffic offenses and the process of the Ohio BMV in collecting fines and fees. It’s very unfortunate that a person can have their Ohio driver’s license revoked or suspended because of unpaid fines but it is defined in the laws that govern the state. Having an Ohio driver’s license is a privilege and not a right and the state has the ability to suspend this since they are the controlling agency for licensing and vehicle registration.

  9. says:

    Why or how does the court have the right to block a persons drivers license for financial gains in non related traffic offenses , like owed fines etc.and expect the person to pay up . When they take away the very thing that keeps them working and put them in unwanted cercomstanes …. lost job,lost home, and then homeless walking in the streets begging for food..all because of a unrelated traffic fine. If this isn\’t a classic case of abuse of power I don\’t know what the hell is.And let\’s don\’t forget If that person has a family, well they probably lost that too !

  10. says:

    We are happy to assist you with obtaining information from the Ohio BMV on how to reinstate your license or registration. The Ohio BMV is the state run agency that manages Ohio driver licensing and Ohio vehicle registration. Can you elaborate on what it is that you’re looking for so we can better assist you?

  11. says:

    Reinstatement fee

  12. says:

    You can complete your Ohio vehicle registration by mail and receive your new tags via mail. In order to do this you will need to visit the Ohio BMV website and download the Ohio Application For Registration By Mail. This is Ohio BMV Form4625

    Ohio Car Registration By Mail

    1. Visit the Ohio BMV website
    2. Fill our Registration Form 4625
    3. Provide proof of ownership of the car
    4. Pay the Ohio car registration fee
    5. Processing may take a few weeks by mail

  13. says:

    Ohio BMV
    I’m interested in getting my car register by mail or online.
    I’m military and I need a tag for my car.

  14. says:

    We don’t show any information about an Ohio driver’s license being revoked. Your best bet to find out if your license was revoked is to contact the Ohio BMV directly.

    Is My Ohio Driver’s License Valid

    1. Visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website
    2. Fill out the driver’s license information form
    3. Provide your name and driver’s license number
    4. Submit the form and receive confirmation

  15. says:

    Was wondering if license was revoked

  16. says:

    You will need to contact the Ohio BMV directly about your Ohio driver’s license status. We do not have an affiliation with this state motor vehicle agency so you will need to contact them directly.

    Ohio BMV Driver’s License Status

    Visit the Ohio BMV website and click on online services or use their live chat feature. Provide your full name, age and Ohio driver’s license number. You can also request your Ohio driver’s license record be sent to you via mail. Processing will take a couple weeks.

    Ohio BMV Requests By Mail

    Ohio BMV
    Attn: BMV Records
    PO Box 16520
    Columbus, Ohio 43216-6520

  17. says:

    What do I have to do to get my driver license

  18. says:

    In order to obtain a copy of a motorcycle title in Ohio you will need to contact the Ohio BMV directly. You can also contact the County Clerk of Courts Title Office to inquire perform a title search.

    Get a Duplicate Ohio Vehicle Title

    1. Contact County Clerk of Courts Title Office
    2. Request a title search by VIN or License Plate
    3. Fill out Ohio Form BMV 3774
    3. Provide proof ID and bill of sale

  19. says:

    Can this be done from Texas?

  20. says:

    I have a motorcycle I got for work done. Ohio plates. No title on bike.
    How can I do a Title search and get a title on this bike? I have full name of last owner.

  21. says:

    Unfortunately we cannot do a People -to- License Plate Number Search. You will want to contact the Ohio BMV about this specific information. You will need proof of identification and your driver’s license number to be able to access your Ohio license plate information with the Ohio BMV. You can do this online @ BMV.Ohio.gov

  22. says:

    I am trying to find out the license plate numbers of my other two vehicles so I can register them while I am in Alabama.

  23. says:

    To obtain a copy of an Ohio Vehicle Title or Ohio Vehicle Registration you will want to contact the Ohio BMV directly. They are the only agency that can re-issue these to you since they’re official government documents.

    How to Get a Duplicate Vehicle Title in Ohio

    1. Visit the Ohio BMV office
    2. Fill out the Request for Duplicate Title form
    3. Provide a photo ID and your SSN
    3. Pay the fee for a copy of your Ohio Vehicle Title
    4. Your title will be mailed to you
    5. Processing time takes several weeks

  24. says:

    How can I get a copy of a car title or registration that was issued in the late 1970 or early 1980?

  25. says:

    In order to get BMV driving records for employment you will need obtain these through the Ohio BMV, in person or online, or use an FCRA certified service. What that means is our resources are for reference only and cannot be used for employment, rental agreements or security clearances.

    How to Obtain Ohio Driving Records For Employment

    1. Visit the Ohio BMV website
    2. Click on Driver Abstract
    3. Provide SSN and Driver’s License Number
    4. Pay the $5 fee
    5. Processing may take a couple weeks

  26. says:

    Driving records for employment

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