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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Minnesota Driving Records Search

Are you looking for new insurance and wondering what your Minnesota driving record looks like? Perhaps you just want to know what?s on your driving record. Like many other states, Minnesota gives drivers a few different options in obtaining their Minnesota driving records. Learn how easy it can be to obtain this valuable information as well as what to expect on your Minnesota driving record.

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What?s On My Minnesota Driving Record?

Almost everything you ever wanted to know about your driving history in Minnesota can be found on your Minnesota driving record or abstract. Below is everything you will find on your Minnesota driving record.

Minnesota Driving Records Include

? Your Name
? Your Home Address
? Your Date of Birth
? Status of your current driver?s license
? Application date of your driver?s license
? All car accidents in which you were involved while driving
? Any driving license suspensions or revocations you may have received
? Any traffic violations you may have received
? Any DUI reports you may have received
? Any special license specifications you may have

Unlike some states, Minnesota does not use the point system for traffic violations. Therefore, you will just see a listing of any and all violations, accidents or citations you may have received as a licensed driver.

DMV Minnesota Driving Records

One of the simplest and probably most cost-effective way to get your Minnesota driving record is by visiting your local Minnesota DMV office. There are several locations throughout Minnesota based on the county in which you live. Because not all locations can access your driving records, you may want to call the location prior to going there to ensure they can process your request. At this point, you can also determine what documentation you may need to bring and what the fee may be for a copy of your Minnesota driving records.

Minnesota Driving Records By Mail

If you want to avoid driving to your local Minnesota DMV, waiting in a long line or are just not in a hurry, you can also request your Minnesota driving record by mail. You’ll want to contact your local DMV to determine if they can process your request, what type of documentation and fees they require, and what mailing address should be used. Be sure to ask what type of payment they will accept.

Minnesota Driving Records Online

As with almost everything else, you can get a copy of your Minnesota driving records online. from the Minnesota DMV. The process is very simple and straightforward. You fill out and submit a simple form, pay the required fee, and you?ll have a copy of your current Minnesota driving record. Many drivers prefer to get their Minnesota driving record online because it?s the fastest and it can be done at their convenience.

The two most common reasons drivers want a copy of their Minnesota driving records are to obtain commercial driving licenses or to apply for auto insurance. Regardless of the reason, Minnesota makes the process very easy and convenient

Minnesota Driving Records

Minnesota Driving Record FAQs

Can anyone lookup a Minnesota driving record?

Yes, your Minnesota driving record is public domain which means anyone can view your driver history. Official copies of a Minnesota driving records however, must be obtained from the Minnesota DPS directly.

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