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Are you interested in obtaining a copy of your Michigan driving records? It?s easier than you think and it offers a few different options. Learn the simple steps it requires as well as what you?ll find in a Michigan driving record.

What In My Michigan Driving Record?

In addition to having your name, driver?s license number and home address, your Michigan driving record will have the following information.

Michigan Driving Records Include

? A list of all accidents where you were involved as a driver and issued a violation citation
? A list of all convictions you received for moving violations where you received points
? Any driving license suspension or revocations you may have received
? Any DUI (driving while intoxicated) violations
? Any tickets you may have received for civil violations

How Long Do Points Stay on a Michigan Driving Record?

Like many other states, Michigan uses a point system for violations. The number of points the driver gets depend on the violation, duration between violations and the number of points he or she currently has. Points stay on your Michigan driving record for a specific amount of time.

For instance, moving violations stay on the record for two years while tickets and accidents stay on for seven years. Suspensions and revocations remain on your Michigan driving record for at least ten years and convictions for DUI or a fatality-related conviction is permanent. As long as the information has not expired, it will show up on a Michigan driving record.

How To Obtain a Michigan Driving Record

? In Person. ? You can get the driving record at your local Michigan Department of
You can obtain your Michigan driving record in the following ways. State branch office or at the Secondary Complex in Lansing, MI. You?ll need to provide them with your driver?s license and the required fee.
? By Mail ? Complete Form BDVR-153 (Michigan Dept. of State ? Requesting Your Own Record) and send it in to the Michigan Department of State with a check, money order or credit card information. It may take you up to eight weeks to receive your Michigan driving record when you use the mail option.
? By Phone ? You can get your Michigan driving record by phone if you call the Michigan DOS Record Lookup Unit and provide them with payment. You can only use this option if you are requesting your own driving record.
? By Fax ? This process is the same as requesting it by phone.
? Online ? This is probably one of the easiest ways to get your Michigan driving record. It?s a little more costly but can be done from the MI DMV site and you will have the record instantly.

Why Would I Need a Copy of My Michigan Driving Record?

There are two different kinds of Michigan driving records. One is a certified driving record and one is an unofficial driving record. The unofficial Michigan driving record is what you would get for your own personal use and when certification is not a requirement.

A certified Michigan driving record is an official record and often used by employers or the court system. The fee for a Michigan driving record is $11 for unofficial and $12 for a certified copy. Although there are a few different reasons why a driver may want a copy of his or her driving record, these are the most common reasons.

? For auto insurance purposes
? Necessary to obtain a commercial driver?s license
? To make sure that everything is current and accurate
? To ensure that there is no identity theft

Michigan Driving Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:


    Could you elaborate if you want to lookup a Michigan driving record or the status of a Michigan Driver’s License? If you are interested in Michigan driving records we can certainly assist you but you will need to contact the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) which is the Michigan Motor Vehicle Department.

    Requesting Certified Michigan Driving Records

    1. Visit the Michigan SOS website
    2. Fill out a driving records request form
    3. Pay the $12 fee over the phone, mail or fax
    4. Processing can take 6 to 8 weeks

  2. Vinod payal says:

    I won’t chek the driving licence of Mr ray Mond kroos

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