Maricopa County Arrest Records

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Maricopa County Arrest Records Lookup

Getting a copy of your Maricopa County arrest records is important to know the status of your Arizona criminal history if you have ever been arrested. If you do not know what an arrest record is, you should know what information this document reveals since it can be released to the general public, even without your authorization.
You should also know how to obtain a copy of your Maricopa County arrest records so that you can view the details and know exactly what information is included. You should also be aware of how this arrest record becomes a part of your overall criminal record which can affect your future in many ways.

What is in Maricopa County Arrest Records

In Maricopa County an arrest record, also called a criminal record, is a formal record that is kept by the Arizona police department and other Arizona judicial agencies. It includes information on offenses that you been convicted of in court. The information in your arrest record can range from a simple traffic violation to serious felonies. Anyone can access your criminal record by performing a background check. Your arrest record may include a vast amount of information about your past, but not limited to the following list below.

Maricopa County Arrest Records Include

– Basic identity information
– History of addresses of residence
– Convicted misdemeanors or felonies
– Federal and state bankruptcies
– Federal and state tax liens
– Current and past arrests
– Court warrants
– Description of distinguishing body markings like tattoos, birthmarks, and scars
– Any property ownership
– List of all known relatives
– History of marriages or divorces

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Maricopa County Arrest Record

You can request a copy of your Maricopa County arrest record by first printing a copy of a Records Release Request Form which can be found on the Maricopa County Sheriff?s Office website. The fee for a report is $5 for the first 10 pages and $.50 for each additional page. If you have several arrests on record, you may want to call their office in advance to find out how much the report will cost since it may require many pages. Fees are payable by cash, money order, business check, or cashier?s check. Debit/credit cards and personal checks are not accepted.

You also have the option of requesting and picking up a copy in person by visiting their office at 201 West Jefferson St., Phoenix. You must enter the Arizona Central Court Building at the public security entrance and then continue to the West Court Building on the third floor. It is a good idea to give them a call before going there to ensure that you can get an available copy of your arrest record.

How Maricopa County Arrest Records Are Criminal Record

Your Maricopa County arrest records becomes a part of your overall criminal record because this information is shared with law enforcement agencies and other criminal record databases all over the country. People who may be interested in your criminal history can access this information, so it is important that you know what is on your criminal record so that you have a sense of what others know when they view your past, character, and trustworthiness.

Maricopa County Arrest Records

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