Lee County Arrest Records

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Lee County Arrest Records Lookup

The moment someone is taken into police custody following a criminal act, they are said to be under arrest. In most cases, arrests occur immediately after a criminal allegation. In most cases, an arrest may take place after an investigation. Lee County arrest records are no different. Anyone that resides in Lee County, Florida that has been arrested has an arrest record as well as a criminal record.

What’s In Lee County Arrest Records

Once the Lee county police have arrested a suspect, they document their criminal information. The document detailing the criminal history of the suspect is called an arrest record or criminal record. The arrest record is used to monitor the criminal history of the said individual. Moreover, criminal records are used by persons performing background checks, employing people, and renting property. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office maintains arrest records and provides citizens with helpful and up-to-date information. Arrest records contain personal information including age and the last known address of the person. Additionally, arrest records may contain detailed information about the arrest, photographs, fingerprints, criminal charges, race, weight, height, identifying marks, social security number and different names used.

How Someone Can Obtain their Arrest Record in Person and Online

People can obtain their arrest records from local, state or national government agencies. When looking for your arrest record or that of someone you know, be sure to search at the right place. If you live in Lee County, visit the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in person. You can also obtain your arrest record online by visiting the Lee County Sheriff’s Office official website.
The website provides detailed and easy to follow instructions to help you obtain your arrest record fast. On the website, find the “Criminal Records” section and search the database using your first and last names. However, some arrest records are not made public making it impossible to find them on a website. Some states may even destroy and delete arrest records of people not convicted after an arrest.

Lee County Arrest Records May Include

• Warrants
• Past arrests
• Dismissed charges
• Current pending charges and
• Acquitted charges

Many organizations and agencies run background checks or request criminal records for various reasons may include

• School admittance, most medical and law colleges check the criminal record of the applicant
• Employment, some businesses run background checks on potential employees
• Security clearance
• Military service
• Purchasing firearms
• Property rental
• Certain types of licenses including CDL
• Voter registration
• Fostering or adopting children
• Purposes related to immigration, visas, internal travel and naturalization
• Law enforcement purposes
Apparently, Lee County criminal records affect many areas of day to day life. However, people should understand that criminal records don’t disqualify them from most of everyday life’s processes and activities. For instance, a criminal record does not imply that you cannot enroll into college. Discuss with your lawyer how certain aspects of your life might be affected by your criminal record. Note that some arrest records are considered as public records while others are not. Different states interpret “background checks” and “criminal records” differently, and this forms the basis of whether to make arrest records public or not.
Lee County Arrest Records

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