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King County Court Records Search

King County’s legal system is based on various pillars among which a vital pole is the Superior Court of King County. It also serves as a source to access court records pertaining to old cases. This information on criminal, civil and various other court cases is provided through the office of the Superior Court Clerk. King County Court Records can be accessed by entering a first and last name in the form above. All court records searches are confidential and anonymous.

These documents can be accessed through 3 sources:

King County Court Records Online

Electronic court records are available online but the data is limited to cases filed on 1st November 2004 and onwards. These cases include

  • Adult categorized criminal cases
  • Civil cases
  • Probate cases
  • Parentage cases

Civil cases do not comprise of cases of domestic violence, anti-harassment protection order whereas probate cases do not include cases of guardianship. Parentage cases include final parenting plans, decrees and child support orders.

The court records that are not available online can be accessed by mail or by visiting in person. You will have to file a formal request and pay standard charges if you want to access records in person or through mail. The records cases filed before 2004 are only available in the office of the Superior Court Clerk, which has cases which date back to 1854 as well. The ones that date back to before 1979 are available with limited microfiche records that can be searched online.

The court records that the public cannot access are sealed by:

The Public Disclosure Act cannot be applied to Court Records to access them.

King County Court Records

King County Court Records

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