Illinois Arrest Records

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Illinois Arrest Records Lookup

If you have been arrested in Illinois, there is an arrest record which reveals a wealth of information about you and your arrest. Knowing exactly what an arrest record is and what is included is important since this information is often available to the public. You should also know how to obtain a copy of your Illinois arrest records especially if you have never seen it before. Knowing how your arrest record becomes a part of your overall criminal record will help you become more knowledgeable in terms of how this information can affect your life.

What is in Illinois Arrest Records

An arrest record, which is also known as a criminal record, is a document that is kept and maintained by a law enforcement agency and includes a compilation of criminal information about you. For Illinois, it will include any arrests that were made at the local and state level. In some cases, your arrest record can include more than just misdemeanor and felony information.

Illinois Arrest Records Include

– Past arrests
– Current pending charges
– Warrants
– Dismissed charges
– Acquitted charges

Your arrest record is important to know about because many agencies and organizations request a copy of your arrest record for a variety of reasons. In addition, your arrest record is considered public record or background record; this means that anyone can get access to your arrest record to find out more information about you.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Illinois Arrest Record

The easiest way to get a copy of your Illinois arrest record is to visit the Illinois State Police website and access the Illinois Criminal History State Response Process (CHIRP). This is a fingerprint-based criminal history background check that allows you to get an access to your Illinois arrest record online. However, you must first register your fingerprints with a live scan vendor on the registered fingerprint vendor list which can be found on the CHIRP website.

Once you have registered your fingerprints, you can access the Illinois CHIRP system, whether in-state or out-of-state. Once you send a request for your criminal history through CHIRP, you will receive a copy of your arrest record from the Illinois State Police by encrypted email. You will also have to follow detailed encryption instructions as well as download Entrust Security Provider Software in order to get access to your emailed arrest record.

If you prefer to get your Illinois arrest records in person, you can visit your local police department or the Illinois State Police headquarters during regular business hours. You will be required to present your ID and pay a fee for the service. Within 30 days, the department is required to send your arrest record request in and then you must wait up to 60 days to get a response. When your arrest record is returned, the department you visited will notify you when it has arrived.

How Arrest Records Become Part of Your Criminal Record

Your Illinois arrest record is important because it becomes an overall part of your Illinois criminal record. You should make sure to know what is in this document since it can affect future employment, acceptance into schools, property rental, and much more.

Illinois Arrest Records

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    Can you elaborate so we can better assist you. Are you referring to an Illinois arrest record? If you feel that you are falsely accused then you might want to contact an attorney in Illinois as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

    What To Do if Falsely Accused of a Crime in Illinois

    1. Write down the circumstances of the false accusation
    2. Collect as much information and documentation as possible
    3. Document alibis and any possible witnesses
    4. Consult with legal counsel and get an attorney

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    I’m falsely accused. Please help

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