How To Tell If My Wife Is Cheating

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Do You Suspect Your Wife Is Cheating On You?

Finding out that your wife is having an affair can be devastating news. The discovery of an affair has numerous consequences and will likely lead you to feel anger, depression, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions. Furthermore, if you have children, then they could likewise be extremely hurt by the news that one of their parents has been cheating. Many husbands have asked the question, ” How to tell if my wife is cheating on me”.

What To Do If You Think Your Wife Is Cheating

If you suspect your wife is cheating, there are a number of things you can do to investigate. Before confronting her directly with your fears, you should at least do some research to confirm that your hunch is correct. Accusing your wife of cheating when you don’t have evidence of an affair is likely to not only lead to a flat denial from her, but it could create significant strain on your marriage (regardless of whether or not she actually is having an affair).

Does Spending Time Apart Mean Spending Time With Another?

Many people first begin to suspect that their wives are cheating by a change in their behavior. Suddenly, it can feel as though your wife is spending a lot of time without you, either by working late, going to the gym often, or spending lots of nights out with friends. She may even say that she simply wants more space and time for herself.

Spending time apart is not a guarantee that your wife is cheating or even that she is unhappy in the marriage. Everyone needs alone time, even in the happiest of relationships, and some need more than others.

How To Tell If My Wife Is CheatingIs Your Wife’s Behavior Suspicious?

However, your wife’s time away from you may begin to look suspicious. If she is suddenly working long hours when she didn’t before or she seems to be going out with friends more than she used to, these could be the first indications that something is wrong in your marriage. While it is nice to believe that your wife would never cheat, studies have shown that about 20 percent of women engage in extramarital sex during their relationships.

Who is My Wife Texting?

People are glued to their phones nowadays, so just because your wife is texting a lot doesn’t mean she is necessarily cheating. Furthermore, in a healthy relationship each spouse should feel free to pursue friendships without the other spouse knowing everything that is said in those friendships. In other words, it is your wife’s business who she texts and what she texts about and if she doesn’t want to share details of her conversations with her friends with you then that is okay.

However, if she is being overly secretive about her texting habits or she rushes into the room whenever her phone lights up to make sure you don’t see it, then there is a chance she is trying to hide something from you.

Who is my wife chatting with online?

Infidelity is not limited to physical illicit meetings between lovers. Nowadays, the rise of the internet means that cheating can just as easily occur in the digital world as it can in the real one. Studies have shown that even if an affair exists entirely online, it can still be emotionally devastating for the couple affected.

Again, it is important to respect your wife’s privacy when it comes to her online friendships. However, if her behavior begins to seem suspicious, such as she immediately closes her laptop whenever you walk into the room, then you may want to look into it further.

Catching my wife cheating

When it comes to actually catching your wife cheating, be very careful about how far you want to go. Searching public records, such as through, may be able to help you uncover some valuable clues. This will help you answer the question, ” How to tell if my wife is cheating on me “.

Additionally, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator. However, hiring an investigator is a serious step. It will cost money and, even if it doesn’t produce results, it could result in a break in the trust that once existed in your relationship.

Confronting My Wife About Cheating

If you have pretty strong evidence that your wife is cheating, then you need to be direct about it. Talking about infidelity is never enjoyable, but not talking about it will just allow anger and resentment to build, which will further harm your marriage.

When confronting your wife about infidelity, try to remain as calm as possible. While being angry is understandable, aggression will not help anyone. Remember that most cases of infidelity do not happen for no reason. While cheating is inexcusable, chances are there were problems in your marriage beforehand that caused your wife to look for affection elsewhere.

While you may think that you can never get past this experience and that your marriage is doomed, the truth is that many couples do stay together even after one partner cheats. Couples counseling may be necessary and the road will likely be difficult, but you just may find that at the end of it your marriage is actually stronger than it was before. The first step is of course answering the big question, ” how to tell if my wife is cheating “.

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    That’s a valuable insight, thank you for the feedback about ” How to Tell if My Wife is Cheating “. It’s typically best practice in any relationship where there is mistrust to have as much information as possible before confronting someone about it and making the situation worse.

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    Need for careful thought when you suspect that your wife is cheating on your relationship.

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