How To Tell If My Husband Is Cheating

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Signs Of A Cheating Husband

 Nobody likes to believe that the person who once promised to love them forever could ever be unfaithful. Unfortunately, infidelity is much more common in marriage than most people would like to believe. A number of studies have shown that about a quarter of men (and a fifth of women) engage in extramarital affairs during their relationships. Clearly, if you suspect your own husband is cheating, then there is a decent chance that your hunch is correct. The question you might then ask is, How To Tell If My Husband Is Cheating ?

 There are a few ways to discretely find out if your husband is cheating without coming right out and asking that difficult question. An accusation of a person of cheating can be as devastating to a relationship as the cheating itself. After all, even if your husband has been completely faithful, your accusing him of cheating could lead to an irrevocable break in the trust that your marriage is built on. That is why you need to be certain that your husband is having an affair before you make any accusations.

 Who is My Husband With?

 Is your husband behaving differently than he used to in the past? He might start claiming that he is working late nights or that he wants to spend more evenings out with the guys. Of course, these could be entirely truthful and innocent responses. After all, it is important that your husband have a life independent of his marriage, just as it is important for you to have your own life independent of your husband.

 However, if his behavior seems a bit off or he seems very defensive about telling you where he has been or who he has been with, then it may be possible that he is having an affair. Other suspicious signs could be if he starts smelling differently, showers immediately when he gets home, or shows a sudden increase or decrease in affection towards you.

 How To Tell If My Husband Is CheatingWho is My Husband Texting?

 As mentioned, your husband has every right to friendships of his own and just because he is texting a lot doesn’t mean that he is necessarily cheating. Also, your husband is under no obligation to show you all of his text messages and if you think he should then there’s a good chance that you two already have serious trust issues that need to be resolved, regardless of whether or not anybody is cheating.

 However, if your husband’s behavior around texting has changed, then your suspicions may be justified. For example, does he suddenly put his phone away when you walk into the room or is he careful to make sure you are never in the room alone with his phone. For example, does he take his phone with him into the bathroom or shower when he didn’t before? These are suspicious behaviors that could indicate cheating is happening.

 Who is My Husband Chatting With Online?

 Not all affairs exist solely in the physical world. An emotional affair can be just as devastating as a sexual affair, which is why online extramarital relationships can be so hard for couples. A number of studies have shown that the emotional fallout of a digital affair is similar to what is caused by a physical affair.

 Again, the problem with your husband chatting with people online isn’t the chatting itself, but his behavior surrounding it. Does he immediately close his laptop whenever you walk into the room? Does he get defensive and overly irritable if you ask him about his online friendships? While certainly not a guarantee that your husband is being unfaithful, these behaviors could be the justification you need to dig a little deeper into your husband’s private life.

 Catching My Husband Cheating

 If you have strong suspicions that your husband is cheating, then you are going to need at least some evidence before confronting him. You may want to consider doing a public records search to see what you find out about him. A search that includes social media profiles, especially on dating sites, could uncover if your husband has been trying to find an affair online. Sites like can help you uncover these types of records. This is a good start in answering the question, ” How to Tell If My Husband Is Cheating “.

 Remember when trying to find evidence not to put yourself in harm’s way or do anything illegal. You may want to consider hiring a private investigator as well, but remember that if your husband finds out you have been snooping on him he could take it as a sign that you don’t trust him (which could seriously damage the relationship even if you find out he hasn’t been cheating).

 Confronting My husband About Cheating

 If you have proof that your husband is cheating, you need to confront him about it. Try to give yourself a couple days after you find out about his cheating to actually bring it up, however. That way you can address it in as calm a matter as possible. Of course, you have every right to be angry with what he has done, but simply getting into a shouting match probably won’t resolve anything. Remember that most marriages do survive infidelity, but you may need to start going to a couples’ therapist to help make your marriage stronger.


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    Thank you for sharing about your wife cheating on you. It must be very difficult to find out this information. Please let us know if we can be of assistance with a background check or any additional public record related information.

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    My ex wife and I were together for about 6 years. Before we divorced a few months ago, i started noticing some foul play and i discovered she has been cheating on me with a man at her office and i got to know after reading through her phone,emails and Facebook account. It was really a shock and it’s still hard to believe.

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    We are certainly glad that our blog has helped you find the information you were looking for with your cheating husband. Knowing how to tell if your husband is cheating on you can be challenging and confronting him on this cheating issue can be difficult as well. Please reach out if there is anything else we can assist you with.

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    I caught my husband cheating on me thankfully my friend gave me a reliable contact who helped me to lookup my cheating husband’s phone number and get all necessary information i needed to prove that he was cheating on me. I appreciate the blog article as this also illuminated how many husbands cheat on their wives and what to look out for. Thanks again for all the useful information about how to tell if my husband is cheating on me

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