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Genealogy Records

Genealogy Records Definition

The greatest way to get started on genealogical research is with a little digging. Family records, vital records, and census records are available online for research purposes. Most people look into genealogy out of curiosity, but there are practical reasons as well. Validating family stories, tracing medical history, and finding birth parents are just a few practical reasons to search back into a family history.

Online Genealogy Search

Family records are quite possibly the easiest way to begin a genealogical search. Asking relatives is a good place to start. Birthday cards, wedding announcements, birth notices, certificates, and public documents can be found in boxes collecting dust. These documents alone can provide many names to start a genealogy.
Genealogy records are found primarily on the internet. Many different websites can provide links to birth records, death records, and marriage records which supply names and dates to back up  genealogy records. Birth records are actually the most difficult to find. Experts recommend starting with death records then marriage records. When looking into death records, there are many different avenues to pursue. One can look at memorial and grave purchases, obituaries, funeral programs, transportation records, burial permits, and mortuary records in addition to death certificates. In addition, there are multiple ways to find marriage records including newspapers, invitations, church notices, and marriage license and certificates.
Another way to search genealogy is through census records. The United States began census records in 1790, and this information is available online as well. The year 1890 is only available in certain areas due to a fire. When looking for census records, one can find county and city census information available online for most areas to narrow down the search. While the census holds the most detailed records, it is also probably the most difficult to sort through in order to find specific information.

With the advent of the internet and online public record repositories it is easy to lookup most anyone’s Genealogy records with a simple name search. Genealogy records are public domain and you can begin your genealogy search with the form above. Make sure to cross-reference as many fields of data to insure you’re locating the correct genealogy record. ( tip .. some family names have different spellings if your ancestors originally immigrated to the United States. )

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Genealogy Records

Genealogy Records

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