Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate

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How To Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate

More than 50 percent of the marriages in the United States end in divorce. That saddening statistic is the reason that many people may have to obtain a certificate of divorce. A certificate of divorce is an official document with a raised seal that displays the date that a married couple divorced. A divorced man or woman may have to produce a record of a divorce for a variety of reasons. One reason that someone may have to obtain a divorce certificate is to conduct a name change on something like a driver’s license or court document. A person may have to produce a divorce certificate to remarry, as well. A divorce certificate may be necessary to remove a spouse from a medical or life insurance benefit. Furthermore, someone may have to produce a divorce certificate for an income tax audit. A resident can obtain a copy of a divorce certificate by using several strategies. The most common ways to get a divorce certificate are as follows:

Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate In Person

One way that a person can get a copy of a divorce certificate quickly is by visiting the city or county clerk. The person will have to show identification and pay a nominal fee for a copy of the certificate. The clerk will give the divorced person an official divorce certificate copy that he or she can use in any situation. An official copy is a copy that has a raised seal on it. Persons who visit the city clerk will receive their documents the same day.

Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate By Mail

A mail request is another way that a person can get a copy of a divorce certificate. The individual will have to send a money order or check with the request for the divorce certificate. The customer will have to be sure to write down all pertinent information so that the clerk can get the certificate out as quickly as possible. A mailed divorce certificate may take seven to 10 business days to get to the customer.

Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate Online

Finally, a person can get a copy of a divorce certificate by visiting a public records website that permits access to such a document. The first step is using a name search tool to locate the document. Next, the person can pay a fee to view the document. Finally, the customer can download the divorce certificate copy but this might not be an official copy. Most of the time online public record websites can access this information however if it’s not from a county clerk then there won’t be an official document.

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Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate
Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate

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Responses to “Get A Copy Of A Divorce Certificate

  1. My late husband a divorced man when we got married in Florida. he got divorced in New York state. What I can provide only his name, birthday SSN, citizenship certificate, /this is show his address/ his work place.NO divorce date or exact city. we got married 1999, and I like to move back in Hungary .He died in 2006 in Lake Placid FL. His divorce certificate must show to Hungarian bureau, because his first married happened in Hungary.

    1. Ilona, to obtain a copy of your late husband’s divorce certificate you can contact order a copy online through the website They work with many of the NY courthouses to fulfill requests for vital record certificates.

  2. I send a mailed letter with 42.00 money order in October of 2020 never gott a copy of my divorce papers by mail
    My name is Diane Denise Brooks or Diane Brooks I was married to John Willie Brooks Junior on July 2 1977 and suppose to be divorce as of April 19 1989

    please tell what can i do i have already send in a money order of 42.00 dollars

    1. Diane, unfortunately we cannot directly assist you with your divorce certificate inquire. We are a public record website with no affiliation to any of the courthouses or other government institutions. We are happy to run a divorce record search for you however it is for reference only and we do not supply divorce certificate copies

  3. requesting divorce certificate
    approximate, date of divorce and marriage certificate available ,marriage took place Monterey, California
    please send all the information needed

    1. Gloria, in order for you to obtain a certified copy of your divorce certificate you will want to contact the Courthouse Clerk where your divorce was filed and make a request there. Most county courthouses use the service where you can order a copy of your divorce certificate online and have it mailed to you

  4. I don’t have all kinds of money to get a copy of my divorce and child support papers is there any other way? I’ve been divorced since 1996 and I need another copy a.s.a.p.

    1. Laura, you will want to contact the clerk in the county you were divorced in and request a copy of your divorce papers and child support papers. They will be able to issue you a certified duplicate copy of your divorce papers by mail. You will need to verify your identity and there will be a small fee for processing.

    1. Hello Gayla,

      I can help assist you with this divorce record inquiry. Can you give us the state and county where those people reside. Many times people have the same name so we need more information to proceed.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  5. If a divorce record is free why pay for it online? It’s only putting money into the pockets of the person that list it on the internet.

    Majority of the time folks can’t afford to pay for a copy of the divorce decree.

    1. Hello Joanne,

      I understand what you are saying about paying for a copy of a divorce certificate and there are ways to get a free copy of the decree. You can go to the county courthouse where the divorce records were processed and request a copy of the divorce certificate. As far as online resource from public record websites these are for profit industries that organize divorce records, divorce certificates, marriage records and other civil records in an easy to use format to save you both time and money. Our membership is only $2.95 for the first 5 days and you can cancel at any time. Because we want you to be happy we have included a free trial for these resources below. Try us out for free for 5 days and see what you think.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

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