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Need To Find A Jail Or Prison Inmate?

Want to find an inmate that is in a federal or state prison? Almost 1% of the adult population of the US is incarcerated, over 2.2 million people, the largest prison population in the world.  Finding an inmate can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. You can scour the internet to try and find an inmate by searching government websites or you can try our new Free Inmate Location Finder Tool. Simply click on our Free Inmate Finder, select a state and we we’ll direct you to the relevant state prison inmate locator. If the inmate you’re searching for is in a federal prison then click on the link for the Federal Inmate Finder. With most states you will need to know the inmate’s name  -or-  the inmate number, and the inmate search is free …. it’s that easy.

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What Exactly Constitutes an Inmate?

By definition an inmate or convict is a person that is held against their will and stripped of their liberty and rights by being placed in an prison, jail or correctional institution. The most common type of inmate is a person that is convicted of a felony or violating federal or state laws. Federal inmates are those who are incarcerated and convicted by a federal court and imprisoned in federal penitentiaries. All other inmates are those that are convicted and incarcerated by a state, county or city court and are jailed or imprisoned in non-federal facilities such as state prisons and jails.

Do Inmates Have Rights?

Yes they do … Inmates are protected from cruel and unusual punishment by the US Constitution’s 8th Amendment. This insures that an inmate has a right to a minimum standard of living that is determined by federal law. Basically inmates have the right to be treated fairly as determined by the state and federal government.

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How can I lookup an inmates location?

You can lookup and locate an inmates location by contacting the Department of Corrections in the state where that inmate was incarcerated. If you don't know the state of the inmate's incarceration you can use the Federal Bureau of Prison inmate search tool. You can typically locate inmates by name, or correction number.

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Responses to “Free Inmate Finder

  1. Hi. Is there a way to find an ex-inmate by first or middle name only? I have no idea which prison he served his time at. I do know where he lived when he was in sober living when I met him.

      1. Thank you very much for letting me know. I figured just as much; It’s just my heart was holding onto hope that my mind was wrong. I, also, know that the odds that after 30 years, of not seeing each other, that the odds are not good that I could find him if I could even find out his last name.

  2. My son was in Dallas county lock up, yesterday October 6.2020
    Today I can’t find him in any of the search places. I have tried TDJC and Federal too. How long does it take for info to show up when they catch chain to a facility? He is John Joseph Gnall the 3rd, date of birth is 4-2-92 and his book in number in county was 20000892, please help if you can

    1. Crystal, unfortunately we don’t have an answer for you about the location of your son. Government agencies are notoriously late with updating information so you might need to keep contacting the Dallas county lockup every day to find out about where this inmate is located.

  3. I\’m trying to trace Steven Morello who was moved from Massachusetts Correction all Facility in Shirley. Please help.

  4. March 2020, my son, George Eugene Smith was incarcerated in Jefferson County jail. March 18th, 2020, I wanted to send him fines for his birthday and I have not been able to locate him at all anywhere. March 18th, 2020 I spoke with an individual at the Jefferson County jail and was advised he was not located there and they had no information as to where he would be now. I have tried to check the state inmate locator and I have tried the federal inmate locator and I still cannot find any information about him. When did he leave Jefferson County jail no info available? I am concerned because I know some of the inmates died from the COV ID – 9 recently and so your mind takes you there, I would like to know what\’s going on.

    1. Linda, unfortunately we don’t have any information on this person either. You should keep trying to contact the state and federal institutions as sometimes their information is delayed and we get the information after they do typically.

  5. Sir I am Janardhan H S from India country .My friend go to Jail on 31 st DEC 2019 .my friend name is Jinisha abyasa ( female) she is phone number is 917303056278 . I am not know now which jail she go and I am not BOP ID number she .I need Dr Jinisha abyasa information .
    Help me .my contact mobile number is Janardhan H S 919916317600.

    1. Janardhan, we are happy to assist you further with your inmate search however, we’ll need to know what state your friend was incarcerated and sent to jail

  6. Hello, I am trying to find out where my son Nicholas James Carr is incarcerated. He is a white male, 22 years old d.o.b. 11/9/97. He was in Dallas texas,he was on probation living in New Hampshire.he left and went to Dallas Texas.i heard he got himself in trouble, I\’m assuming in Dallas,he has been in jail in Baltimore MD. New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Any info would be appreciated thank you.

    1. If he is not a US citizen then we won’t have any records on his whereabouts. That being said, if Lorenzo is a US citizen then we can run an inmate search for you but we’ll need to know the state he was arrested in.

  7. I am looking for Steve Williams. Last time i saw him was in Thornton CO. He\’s from NC. This was 18 mths ago i last seen him. His age 45-48.

    1. Kim, we are happy to assist you with more information about an inmate search but we’ll need additional clarification from you on what inmate or incarceration information you’re interested in. Please advise and we can do some additional inmate research for you.

      Incarceration in the United States

      The United States accounts for 5% of the world’s population but 25% of those incarcerated. There are over 7 million people incarcerated in the United States currently and this staggering figure increases regularly. To elaborate even further, 1 out of 9 men are incarcerated and 1 out of 55 women are incarcerated. The numbers get even more interesting when you break them down by ethnicity.


    1. Your best option here would be to contact the Department of Corrections in the state you’re attempting to find an inmate’s location in. The DOC of most every state has a free inmate search you can use by searching by name as well as department of corrections number. Another option is to use the Federal Bureau of Prisons website where you can perform a nationwide inmate search

  9. Hello

    I\’m looking for a close friend name, Latisha Denise Higgins. She is a black female from LA, california, 41 years of age. I believe she might be in the state of texas..possible Houston city 03,20,1977 D.O.B

    1. Rodre, thanks for reaching out about our Free Inmate Finder. We ran a Texas Inmate Search as well as a California Inmate Search and did not find your friend. Are you sure that she is incarcerated or in jail in one of these states? If so, and since we don’t have any inmate results with our Free Inmate Finder, you might consider reaching out to the Department of Corrections website in each of these different states as they both have a Free Inmate Search tool ( aka. Free Offender Search -or Free Inmate Locator ) that you can use. We have included links below for your convenience. To use these free incarcerated inmate searches you will need either the full name of the incarcerated person or their State Department of Corrections Number

      Click here to use the California Inmate Locator offered by the California Department of Corrections

      Click here to use the Texas Offender Search offered by the Texas Department of Corrections

  10. I’m searching for my son, Thorson W. Lammers. He was arrested on old warrants in August, extradited to South Dakota but its been three weeks and he hasn’t gotten to South Dakota yet. How do I find out how and where they sent him to South Dakota? I hear there is a prison busline that picks up and drops off prisoners across the United States. How do I find out where my son is?

      1. Thank you for the updated inmate information. Please reach out if there is anything else we can assist you with. Our inmate finder resources have helped a lot of people locate inmate records, incarceration records, court records, criminal records and much more.

    1. It’s unclear what your question is. Can we assist you with looking up an inmate’s location or an inmate record?

    1. In order to assist you with our Free Inmate Finder we will need the full name of the person in question as well as the state where they are incarcerated.

      If you don’t know what state this person is incarcerated in you can us the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. With this free inmate finder resource you can lookup inmates anywhere in the United States with their full name or DOC number.

  11. Hello my name is Charlie ziglar I\’m looking for my cousin who I believe it\’s in the state penitentiary his name is Calvin Clopton.

    1. If you’re looking for an inmate in Clompton, Alabama then you’re best option is to visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website and use their free inmate finder, aka. free Alabama offender search. There you can search for inmates statewide with a first and last name or an AIS number. Since you probably don’t know your cousins AIS number, or Alabama Institutional Serial number, you can search by name and verify the results by date of birth, identifiable tattoos and markings and mugshots. Another option is to use the Federal Bureau of Prisons website where you can search nationwide for inmates by BOP number or by name, age, race and sex.

      How To Find Inmates Online

      1. Visit the Federal Bureau of Prisons website (
      2. Search inmates by name and age or BOP number
      3. View federal prison inmate results
      4. Filter results by mugshots or name and age
      5. Locate what prison the inmate is located

  12. Trying to find out where my son, Lawrence E. Pippins is located at in N.J. He was incarcerated in the summer of 2017. Picked up in Pemberton, NJ Burlington County. He is 27 years old.

  13. I want to unsubscribe to this but CAN\’T figure out how to do it or even a phone number! Please help

    1. Your cancellation request has been forwarded to our customer support team. They will unsubscribe you ASAP. Please reach out if there is anything else we can be of assistance with.

  14. I am looking for my husband James woodard. He was extradited from Florida to Pennsylvania on a parole violation I haven’t heard from him since the 28th of February and I’m concerned and I cannot find him could someone please give me a a text and let me know if he’s okay.and where he is at.

  15. I would like to know how I can get Ruby Marie queen and Jeremy Dwight solomono information so I can write them and put money on there books.

    1. You will want to contact the relevant state Department of Corrections to inquire about how to put money in an inmate’s account. Each correctional facility is managed on a state level and each of these facilities has an offender search or inmate search tool you can use to locate the person you’re looking for

  16. im trying to find her inmate number so i can find her in prison or work release i havent spoke to her since she was in county and the visitations got screwed up so i couldnt see her before she got shipped out and im wanting to speak to her and see her because i love her and i miss her a bunch . her name is Lorraine Reyes we last spoke she was in Washington state visitation at Snohomish county jail

    1. The best option to locate and communicate with an incarcerated inmate in the state of Washington is to contact the Washington State Department of Corrections. There you can enter a last name or DOC number to lookup Washington inmate records.

      Washington State Inmate Search

      1. Visit the Washington State DOC website
      2. Use their Free Inmate Search
      3. Enter the DOC number or Inmate Name
      4. Lookup incarcerated inmates in Washington state

    1. If you are looking for an inmate that is currently incarcerated at a prison you will want to contact the Department of Corrections website in your area.

      How To Find If A Person Is In Prison

      1. Contact the Department of Corrections in your state
      2. Use their prison inmate lookup or offender search
      3. Enter their name and as much information as possible
      4. View inmate results, sometimes including mugshots

  17. Wondering about Anthony Hutr Ali’s Touy Smith ,Carolyn Shephard,murder of family members need to know if they are still incarcerated due to saftey concerns ,that’s why I can’t go to proper authorities

  18. I am looking for my cousin. Anthoney Ruben Lucero. Last word was he was arrested in Las Vegas Nevada and I think they let him out to take of his life before he went to prison.

    1. Your best bet to find information on a released inmate from Las Vegas is to contact the Las Vegas Department of Corrections and use their inmate information resources. Unfortunately we do not have any information on the person you mentioned.

      Las Vegas Inmate Finder

      1. Visit the Las Vegas Department of Corrections website
      2. Use the Free Las Vegas inmate search
      3. Enter the DOC number or first and last name
      4. View inmate information

  19. Hi am happy today my only son is out of jail with the work of dr samura i cannot thank him enough for the good work he have done into my life i will always talk about him anytime i contacted dr samura with his contact phone number i found on the internet at the first time i never believe it’s going to work out when i explain to him, he said okay and the work began after 3 days i got a call from the police telling me to come to the station to my greatest surprise, i saw my son coming out telling me mom am free then i remember what dr samura told me that his spell work is powerful now am happy with my only son i have no husband he is my husband as well all thanks goes to dr samura in-case you are in such pain contact him on +2348103508204 whatsapp or email

    1. That is terrific. You seem filled with joy that your loved one has return from jail. Not many jail or prison inmates are as lucky.

  20. I’m searching for my sister who was arrested just Tuesday that past 10/03/2017 I have no idea what jail she was taken too & whenever I search her information no records appear of hers but I’m for sure she’s incarcerated ! Is there any way I can get help on how to find what jail my sister resides in ? Her name is Tyquandra Williams her D.O.B is 10/23/1982 her inmate id number is 1899025 we reside in the city/state of Las Vegas Nevada please help me !!

  21. I’m looking to find where Rodriguez Jackson from Wetumpka Ala is and to make sure he doesn’t get out of prison. He murdered my son Derrick Reynolds 3/18/2009.

    1. Melissa,

      In order to locate Alabama inmates you will need visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website. There you can locate inmates with a first and last name and Alabama Institutional Serial Number.

      Alabama Inmate Search

      1. Visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website
      2. Enter the first and last name of the inmate
      3. Enter the Alabama Inmate AIS number if available
      4. View Alabama inmates and correctional failities

  22. i am looking for a rosemary heather miller transferred from Oklahoma mabel bassett in like 2000 she has life and 25 years running consecutive for second degree murder and shooting with intent

    1. Julie,

      We will need the state and county where Rosemary Miller is located to perform an inmate search. You might also want to contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons to inquire about this person.

      How to Find a Prison Inmate

      1. Contact the Federal Bureau of Prison
      2. Search by inmate correction number or by name
      4. You will also need the age and approximate dates in prison
      3. Verify you’ve found the correct inmate

      Inmate Correction Numbers

      BOP Inmate Register Number
      DCDC Inmate Number
      FBI Inmate Number
      INS Inmate Number

  23. I’m looking for my son,Michael Dewayne Thompson,white male,33yrs.old,do is 06/14/1983 He was incarcerated at Miller Co.Detention center until 02/15/2017 is what Vinelink shows,but the jail said he was released on 02/17/2017 and is suppose to be in Dcc in Ar???

    1. Hello Ruth,

      If you have a state and county where Michael resides we can assist you with a People Search however this is a common name and we don’t have the exact information you’re looking for in our database.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team


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