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Do you need to make a North Dakota driving records request? You may be under the assumption that you’ll have to head down to your local North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) driver’s license office. But thanks to the internet and public databases, you can obtain your North Dakota driving record without even having to leave your home. Here are a few ways to access this information.

NDDOT North Dakota Driving Records Request

If for whatever reason you need to obtain these records in person, you can always visit the NDDOT Driver Licensewebsite and find your local office. They have the proper form available and after you fill it out, wait in line and present your license, they will print out the records for you. You can also fill out the form and purchase your driving records online. You will need a credit or checking card and a printer to do this, and you will be charged a separate fee for each North Dakota driving records request. You can also print out the appropriate form and fax it to the office, and the records will be mailed to you in a couple weeks. Note that you will have to pay the fee even if they don’t find the record.

Online North Dakota Driving Records Request

Another way to access North Dakota driving records is through a public records database online. This eliminates the hassle of filling out multiple forms and paying a fee just to see if the records have been found. The first step is to enter the driver’s first and last name and their state. If necessary, you can further refine the search with an age or address. This information is made available by the Freedom of Information Act of 1966 (FOIA), which defines it as public and legal information.

Although using an online database is the quickest way to verify the information in multiple records, you will need to file a formal North Dakota driving records request at the driver license office for any official use. Click here to browse our list of all North Dakota DOT driver license locations.

North Dakota Driving Records Request
North Dakota Driving Records Request

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