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Before the internet made things a lot easier, the only way to make a North Carolina driving records request was to make a trip to your local North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. But that’s all changed, and you can now access driving records with just an internet connection. Here are a few ways to go about this.

DMV North Carolina Driving Records Request

You do still have the option of filing a North Carolina driving records request in person. First, go to the North Carolina DMV website and find your local office. They will provide you with the appropriate form, and after you’ve presented your license and paid the fee they will print the records for you. You can also make this request by printing out their online form, filling it out and mailing it in with the necessary payment. After a couple weeks, the records will show up in the mail.

The North Carolina DMV also has the option of filing an online driving records request. You will need a credit or check card if you’re making a request this way. You will also need to be able to print out the records or choose to have them mailed to you instead.

Online North Carolina Driving Records Request

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to make North Carolina driving records requests and you won’t have to fill out any forms. Using a public online database, you can start accessing driving records with just a person’s first and last name and a state. You can even clarify your search with their age or address to make sure you have the right records. And don’t worry about the legality of this method; the Freedom of Information Act of 1966 (FOIA) defines driving records as public and legal information.

An online North Carolina driving records request is a quick way to verify driver information without having to fill out multiple forms. But if you need driving records for any official purpose, you will have to request them from the DMV.Click here to view all available North Carolina DMV offices.

North Carolina Driving Records Request
North Carolina Driving Records Request

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