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The Michigan Secretary of State tracks the driving history of every Michigan resident with a driver’s license. Your driving record contains a detailed history of your driving activities including:

* Your driver’s license number, name, DOB, and address

* Suspensions or revocations

* Traffic accidents

* Points received

* Ticket for civil violations

* Moving violation convictions

* DUI violations

The Michigan Driving Records Request is made to the Michigan Department of State (DOS). The institution is responsible for maintaining driving records, and one can request both unofficial and certified records from the institution.

The DOS offers four different types of Michigan driving records with one of them being the unofficial driving record. The other three records include:

Certified Complete Driving Record: Usually sought by government agencies, CCD records contain details of previous driving conduct.

Certified Edited Driving Record: Includes specific details such as your personal information.

Certified CDL Driving Record: issued by Michigan SOS, this record is used to prove professional capacity.

Apart from you, people who can make request your Michigan driving record include:

* Employers

* Attorneys

* Insurance companies

There are five different ways of making Michigan Driving Records Request including:

* In person

* By phone

* By mail

* By Fax

In person

To request your driving request in person, you need to:

* Visit DOS office

* Provide a copy of your driver’s license

* Pay the applicable fee in cash

By mail

To request by mail, you need to: * Fill out and mail Michigan DOS- Requesting your own record form to: Michigan Department of State Record Lookup Unit 7064 Crowner Drive Lansing, MI 48918-1502

* Pay fee by mailing check or money order

Requesting your driving records by phone is the same as requesting it in person. The only difference is that you request over the phone and pay through debit or credit card. Making the request by fax is the same as making a request by mail. The only difference is that instead of mailing the request form, you fax it to (517) 322-1181. Apart from the aforementioned ways, you can obtain a driving record online from public databases. For further information, visit Michigan SOS website.

Michigan Driving Records Request
Michigan Driving Records Request

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