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Your driving record is an important document because it encompasses your driving history. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) maintains the driving records of all Maryland residents with a driver’s license. The driving history revealed by your driving record includes:

  • Your car insurance information
  • Your personal details
  • Driver’s license status
  • Accidents
  • Violations
  • Vehicle’s information such as title number, VIN number, and odometer reading
  • DUI records

With the help of your driving record, you can:

  • Check for possible identity theft
  • Verify that all information you provided is correct
  • Track your violations

There are two types of driving records that you can obtain from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). The two types of driving records include:

  • 3-year driving record
  • Probation before judgment (PBR) driving record

The 3-year driving record contains traffic violation convictions, car accidents, any driver’s license suspensions or revocations, driver’s license status and issue date. On the other hand, the probation before judgment (PBR) driving record encompasses everything that is part of the 3-year driving record in addition to any probation before judgments such as DUI charges.

There are two ways of making Maryland Driving Records Request—in person and online. Furthermore, you can obtain a copy of your driving record through online public databases. You can obtain your Maryland driving record in-person by:

If you want to request your driving record online, you’ll need to:

  • Visit the MVA website
  • Provide your routing number, DOB and driver’s license number
  • Pay the fee either by electronic check or credit card

For further information, you can contact the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration at 1-800-492-4575.

Maryland Driving Records Request
Maryland Driving Records Request

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Responses to “Maryland Driving Records

  1. I need to get my Maryland driving record for a new job. I have not had a Md license for 4 years because we move to another state. how can i obtain my MD record? Online i need a valid MD license to make the request.

    1. Bailey, since you need a Maryland driving history record for official purposes you will need to contact the Maryland MVA directly. You can order a copy online or call them directly @ 410-768-7000 for more information

  2. Hello I used to have a MD driver’s license until 2005. I now live in France and need a proof that I had an MD license to exchange it for a French one. ( my current CA license does not allow me to do an exchange) is it possible to get a paper proving the facts that I actually owned a license from MD . Unfortunately I don’t have my old license number but I could give you all the other informations
    I need one for my husband too.

    1. White, you will need to contact the DMV, or motor vehicle department, in the state where you last registered your driver’s license. If that was in Maryland that you will want to contact the Maryland MVA. You might want to call them to make sure they can send you the required information you need to get your driver’s license in France. For your convenience their phone number is 410-768-7000

  3. I been making payments on my rear for child support and I have a payment of $1,120.00 or a little more. I would like to get my licence back active. How can I make a payments arrangement for this little payment?

    1. James, in order to setup payments to take care of penalties and fines to get your Maryland driver’s license active again you will need to reach out to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration directly. It would be savvy to make an appointment as some services are limited on a first come basis. If you book an appointment you can dramatically reduce your wait time when visiting a Maryland MVA office in person.

    1. In order to get a certified copy of your Maryland driver abstract you will want to reach out to the Maryland MVA directly. You can visit the Maryland MVA office in person to request this driver abstract or you can go online and download and fill out form # DR-057. Your request will be expedited if you visit an office in person, otherwise it make take a few weeks to receive a copy of your Maryland driving record by mail.

      How to Get a Certified Maryland Driver Record

      1. Visit the Maryland MVA website
      2. Complete the driver record request form (# DR-057)
      3. Pay the required fee provide proper ID
      4. Certified copies can be mailed in a few weeks

    1. We are uncertain what a D.Bacm. Are you inquiring about a Maryland driving record? Please clarify so we can better assist you with your Maryland driving record search. We will need your full name and age to perform a driver history search for you

  4. My friend was assaulted during a minor traffic altercation in a parking lot. No one called the police as she was screaming for them to but she did manage to get the tag number. She does not go online or use a computer, I am trying to help her. How do we find the name of the person to whom these tags were issued? She did go to the police but they said without a name they can’t help her.

    1. Thank you for reaching out about our Maryland driving record blog. Unfortunately this is a police matter and they should definitely help your friend that was assaulted. You should definitely have your friend fill out a police report, especially if she was injured. If you didn’t get the response you wanted from the first police department you should consider reaching out to another Maryland police department or perhaps a sheriff department.

    1. A certified Maryland driving record refers to a copy of your Maryland driver’s abstract that has been endorsed by the state. This is an official record. These certified, or official copies of your Maryland driving record can be used for employment, rental agreements, academic applications, security clearances and more. An uncertified driving record is for reference only, meaning if you want to check your Maryland driver record you can do this but it’s for your own edification and cannot be used for any of the reasons mentioned above.

  5. Hello David,
    I have relocated to Canada and I want to change my driver’s license to Ontario Canada driver’s license but I was asked to produce my driving record. Please, what do I do and I will I get my driving record?

    1. Dennis,

      You will want to contact the Maryland MVA or Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and request an official copy of your driving records. Our driving record resources are for online reference only.

      How To Obtain A Copy Of A Maryland Driving Record

      1. Visit the the Maryland MVA website
      2. Request a copy of your driving record online
      3. You must have your driver’s license number and date of birth available
      4. Fill out the driving record request form and pay the $12 fee for a certified copy

    1. Hello David,

      We can certainly help you lookup your Maryland driving record. If you provide us with your full name, state and county of residence and your age, we can lookup your driving records.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

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