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People Phone License Plate VIN
People Phone License Plate VIN

Kentucky Driving Records Request

A driving history record is what all Kentucky drivers’ license holders have. You can obtain your driving records from Kentucky’s Division of Driver licensing. However, a more convenient way to obtain your driving records is through online public databases. You can make Kentucky Driving Records request for either a 3-year or a 5-year driving record. The three-year driving record includes:

  • Your driver status
  • Driving restrictions
  • License expiration
  • Traffic violations

Kentucky Driver Records Request Forms

Personal information such as your address, gender, DOB, and social security number isn’t included in the 3-year record. On the other hand, 5-year driving records include your personal information and everything that is part of a three-year driving record. Apart from you, people who can request your Kentucky Driving Records include your employers, insurance companies, courts, and government agencies. You can make a 3-year Kentucky Driving Records Request by:

  • Providing your first and last name
  • Providing your driver’s license number
  • Providing and verifying your email-address
  • Paying the $3 fee

On the other hand, you can request your 5-year driving record by:

  • Visiting a local driving license office
  • Providing the aforementioned information
  • Paying the $3 fee


Another way to obtain Kentucky driving records is using the online vehicle information system (OVIS). You can access the lien, registration, and vehicle title information by using the online vehicle information system. The system can be accessed with a $75 annual subscription. A fee of 44 cents needs to be paid to access each record. However, only registered users can use this service.

In order to become an authorized user, you need complete both the VTI Agreement and the Subscriber Agreement. Once you’ve registered yourself, you’ll be able to search your driving records using the title number or VIN. For further information, you can contact at: (502) 875-3733.

Kentucky Driving Records Request
Kentucky Driving Records Request

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Responses to “Kentucky Driving Records

  1. I would like a copy of my 3 year driving record. I need to find out the status of my license suspension and what I need to do to get my license reinstated in Kentucky, so I can get licensed in Indiana…where I currently live.

    1. Shawn, can you specify what type of driving record you are looking for? We will also need more information to process your request such as your middle name and date of birth

  2. I got pulled over tonight my license is suspended and I have no clue to why they would be how do I find out why and what I need to do to get them back

    1. Brandon, in order for us to run a Kentucky driving record search for you we will need your full name and age. Then we can run your information through our Kentucky driver database resources to find out what you may have on your KY driving history

  3. I got text messages from saying I have a clean driving record and a am to receive $350.00. I take it this is a scam. DMV was text identification

    1. Vicki, that definitely sounds like a scam. The Kentucky DMV will not send out any text messages like that. You can always call them to report this so that other people wont fall victim to this type of phone texting scam

    1. Tina, you will need to contact the Kentucky DMV directly about the status of your driver’s license. Unfortunately we cannot assist you directly with this. We can however help you with a KY driving record search

    1. Donnie, you will want to inquire about your Kentucky driver’s license suspension with the Kentucky Driver Licensing Department. They will be able to tell you why your driver’s license was suspended and how to fix this problem and what fines and fees you might need to pay. We are happy to run a KY driving record search for you however, we do not have any affiliation with any Kentucky government agency so we cannot speculate why your driver’s license was “voided”

  4. My drivers liscense is revoked and i would like to get it reinstated and I believe its because of unpaid fines child support and felony charges im needing to know which fines are holding them back and I wod like to find out if their is options for this possibly setting up monthly payment plans but I have no clues where to start and do this

    1. Frank, thank you for reaching out about our Kentucky driving records. We are happy to lookup your driving record however in order to get your Kentucky driver’s license back you will need to contact the Kentucky Driver’s License Office directly to take care of any outstanding fines and fees. You can make an appointment to discuss this in person or call them directly @ 859-246-2106

    1. Leia, thank you for reaching out about our Kentucky driving record blog. In order to find your Kentucky driver’s license number you will need to contact your local Kentucky Driver’s License Office directly. You can attempt to contact them over the phone but note that phone calls might have a substantial wait time, or call back option, or you can visit a branch in person. You will need to bring other identification, such as a passport or birth certificate, to obtain your KY driver’s license number and to obtain a new Kentucky driver’s license

  5. I moved back to NY and didn\’t turn in my plates. What do I need to do to get the suspension lifted

    1. Duane, thank you for reaching out about our Kentucky driving record blog. To answer your question you will need to contact the New York DMV directly and inquire what to do about your suspended driver’s license and your license plates. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to assist you directly with your request but we’re happy to run a driving record report for you if you’re interested.

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