Washington DC DMV Offices - Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers
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Washington DC DMV Offices

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Washington DC DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The state of Washington DC DMV offices are separated into two divisions: driver licensing and vehicle licensing. Driver licensing offices and vehicle licensing offices are located throughout the state. Residents can search on their website for specific locations and hours according to where they reside in Washington.  To find Washington DC DMV Offices see the above directory.

Washington DC DMV Driver License

Washington DC residents can search for a driver’s licensing office near them here and they can also read about tips for visiting driver licensing offices here which explains the best times to visit and what to be sure to bring with you when you go. Residents who are obtaining a driver’s license, ID card, or permit for the first time can expedite the process by pre-applying online and bringing the resulting confirmation number with you when you visit the driver licensing office to complete the process.

The Washington DC DMV website for driver licensing is extremely comprehensive and can answer many questions residents have about licensing with many clickable links and lists that inform residents of steps they need to complete to obtain a driver’s license.

Tasks that residents are able to complete online related to driver licensing include the following:

  • Driver’s license or ID card renewal or updates to its information (address, name, gender designation)
  • Replacing a lost license or instruction permit
  • Information about motorcycle license testing and obtaining a license
  • Obtain information about fees for particular services.

Washington DC DMV Vehicle Licensing

Washington residents can search for a vehicle licensing office near them at this link.
A unique service that the Washington DMV offers through its vehicle licensing office is a specialized “quick title” office, which issues titles faster than a standard title for $50. Residents can search for quick title offices in order to obtain more information about this service. Quick title transactions must be completed in person and cannot be completed online.
Residents are able to complete many services related to registering their vehicle or boat online. These services include:

  • Renewing a vehicle’s tabs or existing registration
  • Emissions testing information, including finding a station and specific requirements.
  • License plates information

Individuals who have recently moved to Washington will find comprehensive information on procedures they need to go through as part of becoming a new resident. There are also links to forms that residents can print and fill out to bring with them when they visit one of the Washington DMV offices. Bringing completed forms with them can help expedite the process of obtaining a license, registering a new vehicle, or any other service they are looking to complete.

Washington DC DMV Offices

Washington DC DMV Offices

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