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Tennessee DOR Offices

City Zip Details
Adamsville 38310 Adamsville DOR Offices
Alamo 38001 Alamo DOR Offices
Altamont 37301 Altamont DOR Offices
Ashland City 37015 Ashland City DOR Offices
Athens 37303 Athens DOR Offices
Benton 37307 Benton DOR Offices
Blountville 37617 Blountville DOR Offices
Bolivar 38008 Bolivar DOR Offices
Bristol 37620 Bristol DOR Offices
Brownsville 38012 Brownsville DOR Offices
Byrdstown 38549 Byrdstown DOR Offices
Camden 38320 Camden DOR Offices
Carthage 37030 Carthage DOR Offices
Celina 38551 Celina DOR Offices
Centerville 37033 Centerville DOR Offices
Charlotte 37036 Charlotte DOR Offices
Chattanooga 37402 Chattanooga DOR Offices
Chattanooga 37415 Chattanooga DOR Offices
Chattanooga 37416 Chattanooga DOR Offices
Clarksville 37041 Clarksville DOR Offices
Clarksville 37040 Clarksville DOR Offices
Cleveland 37312 Cleveland DOR Offices
Cleveland 37364 Cleveland DOR Offices
Clinton 37716 Clinton DOR Offices
Columbia 38401 Columbia DOR Offices
Cookeville 38503 Cookeville DOR Offices
Cookeville 38506 Cookeville DOR Offices
Covington 38019 Covington DOR Offices
Crossville 38555 Crossville DOR Offices
Dandridge 37725 Dandridge DOR Offices
Dayton 37321 Dayton DOR Offices
Decatur 37322 Decatur DOR Offices
Decaturville 38329 Decaturville DOR Offices
Dickson 37055 Dickson DOR Offices
Dover 37058 Dover DOR Offices
Dresden 38225 Dresden DOR Offices
Dunlap 37327 Dunlap DOR Offices
Dyersburg 38024 Dyersburg DOR Offices
Elizabethton 37643 Elizabethton DOR Offices
Erin 37061 Erin DOR Offices
Erwin 37650 Erwin DOR Offices
Fayetteville 37334 Fayetteville DOR Offices
Franklin 37065 Franklin DOR Offices
Franklin 37067 Franklin DOR Offices
Gainesboro 38562 Gainesboro DOR Offices
Gallatin 37066 Gallatin DOR Offices
Greeneville 37745 Greeneville DOR Offices
Greeneville 37743 Greeneville DOR Offices
Hartsville 37074 Hartsville DOR Offices
Henderson 38340 Henderson DOR Offices
Hendersonville 37075 Hendersonville DOR Offices
Hickory Valley 38042 Hickory Valley DOR Offices
Hohenwald 38462 Hohenwald DOR Offices
Huntingdon 38344 Huntingdon DOR Offices
Huntsville 37756 Huntsville DOR Offices
Jacksboro 37757 Jacksboro DOR Offices
Jackson 38301 Jackson DOR Offices
Jamestown 38556 Jamestown DOR Offices
Jasper 37347 Jasper DOR Offices
Jellico 37762 Jellico DOR Offices
Johnson City 37615 Johnson City DOR Offices
Jonesborough 37659 Jonesborough DOR Offices
Kingsport 37660 Kingsport DOR Offices
Kingston 37763 Kingston DOR Offices
Knoxville 37918 Knoxville DOR Offices
Knoxville 37901 Knoxville DOR Offices
Knoxville 37902 Knoxville DOR Offices
Knoxville 37919 Knoxville DOR Offices
Knoxville 37923 Knoxville DOR Offices
Knoxville 37924 Knoxville DOR Offices
Knoxville 37914 Knoxville DOR Offices
La Follette 37766 La Follette DOR Offices
Lafayette 37083 Lafayette DOR Offices
Lawrenceburg 38464 Lawrenceburg DOR Offices
Lebanon 37087 Lebanon DOR Offices
Lewisburg 37091 Lewisburg DOR Offices
Lexington 38351 Lexington DOR Offices
Linden 37096 Linden DOR Offices
Livingston 38570 Livingston DOR Offices
Loudon 37774 Loudon DOR Offices
Lynchburg 37352 Lynchburg DOR Offices
Madison 37116 Madison DOR Offices
Madisonville 37354 Madisonville DOR Offices
Manchester 37355 Manchester DOR Offices
Maryville 37804 Maryville DOR Offices
Maryville 37801 Maryville DOR Offices
Maynardville 37807 Maynardville DOR Offices
MC Minnville 37110 MC Minnville DOR Offices
Memphis 38103 Memphis DOR Offices
Memphis 38118 Memphis DOR Offices
Memphis 38134 Memphis DOR Offices
Memphis 38111 Memphis DOR Offices
Millington 38053 Millington DOR Offices
Morristown 37814 Morristown DOR Offices
Morristown 37813 Morristown DOR Offices
Mount Juliet 37122 Mount Juliet DOR Offices
Mountain City 37683 Mountain City DOR Offices
Murfreesboro 37130 Murfreesboro DOR Offices
Murfreesboro 37129 Murfreesboro DOR Offices
Nashville 37209 Nashville DOR Offices
Nashville 37210 Nashville DOR Offices
Nashville 37243 Nashville DOR Offices
Nashville 37217 Nashville DOR Offices
Nashville 37216 Nashville DOR Offices
Newport 37821 Newport DOR Offices
Oak Ridge 37830 Oak Ridge DOR Offices
Oakland 38060 Oakland DOR Offices
Paris 38242 Paris DOR Offices
Pikeville 37367 Pikeville DOR Offices
Pulaski 38478 Pulaski DOR Offices
Ripley 38063 Ripley DOR Offices
Rockwood 37854 Rockwood DOR Offices
Rogersville 37857 Rogersville DOR Offices
Rutledge 37861 Rutledge DOR Offices
Savannah 38372 Savannah DOR Offices
Selmer 38375 Selmer DOR Offices
Sevierville 37862 Sevierville DOR Offices
Shelbyville 37160 Shelbyville DOR Offices
Smithville 37166 Smithville DOR Offices
Smyrna 37167 Smyrna DOR Offices
Sneedville 37869 Sneedville DOR Offices
Somerville 38068 Somerville DOR Offices
Sparta 38583 Sparta DOR Offices
Spencer 38585 Spencer DOR Offices
Springfield 37172 Springfield DOR Offices
Tazewell 37879 Tazewell DOR Offices
Tiptonville 38079 Tiptonville DOR Offices
Trenton 38382 Trenton DOR Offices
Tullahoma 37388 Tullahoma DOR Offices
Union City 38261 Union City DOR Offices
Wartburg 37887 Wartburg DOR Offices
Waverly 37185 Waverly DOR Offices
Waynesboro 38485 Waynesboro DOR Offices
Whiteville 38075 Whiteville DOR Offices
Winchester 37398 Winchester DOR Offices
Woodbury 37190 Woodbury DOR Offices

Tennessee DOR Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Tennessee Division of Motor Vehicles is a branch of Tennessee Department of Revenue and over sees the matters regarding motor vehicles. For the purpose of public facilitation, the department provides a number of online services and ease in filing requests, applications, complaints, etc. These services ensure that the motor vehicles are used as per the established laws of the state. Tennessee DOR offices can be found in the above directory

Tennessee State law requires all kinds of motor vehicles, motor bicycles, trailers, etc. to be registered, the drivers to be licensed, and the authorization to be titled. For this purpose, all kinds of titling affidavits and registration forms are available on the website. The vehicles are required to have a registered license plate as well which can be a traditional one, personalized, or special. Application forms for registration of license plates are available on the website as well.

Many web pages on the website are also dedicated to information about procedures regarding

  • Unattended vehicles
  • Unauthorized motor vehicles
  • Abandoned or immobile vehicles
  • Taxation over vehicle sales
  • Emission applications
  • Military registration

The State law requires all vehicles, and every vehicle owner and user to be insured. This is to ascertain that by 2017 all vehicle owners and users will be insured. In the event of uninsured driving, the driver will have to pay a fine and might even lose the vehicle if it is not covered by an auto liability policy. This law has been termed as James Lee Atwood Jr. Law.

This law requires minimum liability car insurance to be as follows:

  • $25,000 for every injury or death in case of an accident
  • $50,000 as a total for all the injuries suffered or deaths per accident
  • $15,000 in case of property damage in an accident.

The phone numbers and locations of all offices across the State are listed on the website, and people can make an appointment before a visit to avoid inconvenience or call for any queries.

Tennessee DOR Offices
Tennessee DOR Offices

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