Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Rhode Island DMV Offices

Court Name Address Phone
Cranston Headquarters 600 New London Ave. (401) 462-4368
Woonsocket DMV 217 Pond St. Dept. of Labor & Training Building (401) 588-3020
Middletown DMV 52 Valley Road (401) 846-5451
Wakefield DMV 4808 Tower Hill Road (401) 789-1430
Warren DMV 1 Joyce St. (401) 245-6957
Westerly DMV 45 Broad St. Westerly Town Hall (401) 315-5608
Woonsocket DMV 217 Pond St. (401) 235-1232

Rhode Island DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles falls under the Department of Revenue. Rhode Island DMV requires all motor vehicles to be properly documented and insured. For this purpose, a number of services are offered by the department to keep the documentation up to date and complete. See the above listings for Rhode Island DMV offices.

Firstly, drivers of all kinds of motor vehicles are required to have a driver’s license. The licenses vary from Graduated License to Commercial Driver’s license, depending upon the type of vehicle being driven and the age of the driver. In case the license expires, the driver is required to get it renewed for which a request can be sent online. The department is also authorized to issue IDs and International Driving Permits. Requests can also be made for replacements and renewals in case of a license being lost or being expired.

The vehicles need to be properly registered for which the department provides forms and manuals online as well. Forms for acquiring titles are also available. The Rhode Island DMV is very particular about strictly implementing the laws related to motor vehicles. For this purpose, an Adjudication office is also operative under the department’s wing. The department has strong emphasis on safety measures as well.

For the issuance of licenses, road tests are taken to ensure the eligibility of the driver. Forms and applications for tests and licenses are available online. The forms can be downloaded, filled in and printed for submission in-hand at DMV offices. The offices are spread across the state and the location of offices nearest to your county can be looked up on the website using a virtual map. You can make appointments according to the working hours of the office to save time and to keep a check on the waiting time.

Rhode Island DMV Offices
Rhode Island DMV Offices

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