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North Dakota DOT Offices

City Zip Details
Ashley 58413 Ashley DOT Offices
Beulah 58523 Beulah DOT Offices
Bismarck 58501 Bismarck DOT Offices
Bowman 58623 Bowman DOT Offices
Carrington 58421 Carrington DOT Offices
Cavalier 58220 Cavalier DOT Offices
Cooperstown 58425 Cooperstown DOT Offices
Crosby 58730 Crosby DOT Offices
Devils Lake 58301 Devils Lake DOT Offices
Dickinson 58601 Dickinson DOT Offices
Ellendale 58436 Ellendale DOT Offices
Fargo 58103 Fargo DOT Offices
Forman 58032 Forman DOT Offices
Garrison 58540 Garrison DOT Offices
Grafton 58237 Grafton DOT Offices
Grand Forks 58203 Grand Forks DOT Offices
Grand Forks 58201 Grand Forks DOT Offices
Harvey 58341 Harvey DOT Offices
Hazen 58545 Hazen DOT Offices
Jamestown 58401 Jamestown DOT Offices
LaMoure 58458 LaMoure DOT Offices
Langdon 58249 Langdon DOT Offices
Linton 58552 Linton DOT Offices
Lisbon 58054 Lisbon DOT Offices
Mayville 58257 Mayville DOT Offices
Minot 58701 Minot DOT Offices
New Town 58763 New Town DOT Offices
Oakes 58474 Oakes DOT Offices
Rolla 58367 Rolla DOT Offices
Rugby 58368 Rugby DOT Offices
Stanley 58784 Stanley DOT Offices
Steele 58482 Steele DOT Offices
Valley City 58072 Valley City DOT Offices
Wahpeton 58075 Wahpeton DOT Offices
Washburn 58577 Washburn DOT Offices
Watford City 58854 Watford City DOT Offices
Williston 58801 Williston DOT Offices

North Dakota DOT Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The North Dakota DOT offices offer a variety of services. You can renew your license, vehicle registration, obtain driving abstracts and much more. Many of their services are available online so that you don’t have to wait in line at the motor vehicle department.

North Dakota Vehicle Registration Services

North Dakota Vehicle Registration Renewal can be performed online. The North Dakota online registration services can be used to register existing vehicles. This means you cannot register new vehicles or vehicles where there is a transfer of title. You will have to visit the North Dakota DOT offices to register new or recently purchased vehicles.

North Dakota Drivers License Renewal

A North Dakota drivers license renewal must be done in person. An appointment can be made at your local motor vehicle office. You will need your current license and you will have to pay a renewal fee. The renewal fee is $15 plus a $3 endorsement fee.  If you have eye glasses you must bring them but they are no longer allowed in drivers license photos.

Drivers License Renewal Requirements

  • Drivers up to 77 years of age must renew their drivers license every 6 years
  • Drivers that are 78 and older must renew their drivers license every 4 years
  • Vision Test required at renewal. DOT personnel will administer a free vision test. Glasses or contacts are required if needed
  • Written Test generally not required for renewals
  • Road Test generally not required for renewals

Driver Disability Parking Permits

Drivers that need disability parking must fill our the Mobility-Impaired Parking Permit Form. This form requires a physician to complete the form and then mail it in. For additional information visit Mobility-Impaired Parking Permits.

There are a variety of resources offered by the North Dakota DOT online to save you time. Before you visit the motor vehicle department see what resources are online. It might just save you the headache of having to visit the DOT office in person.

North Dakota DOT Offices
North Dakota DOT Offices

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