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Nebraska DMV Offices

City Zip Details
Ainsworth 69210 Ainsworth DMV Offices
Albion 68620 Albion DMV Offices
Alliance 69301 Alliance DMV Offices
Alma 68920 Alma DMV Offices
Arthur 69121 Arthur DMV Offices
Auburn 68305 Auburn DMV Offices
Aurora 68818 Aurora DMV Offices
Bartlett 68622 Bartlett DMV Offices
Bassett 68714 Bassett DMV Offices
Beatrice 68310 Beatrice DMV Offices
Beaver City 68926 Beaver City DMV Offices
Benkelman 69021 Benkelman DMV Offices
Blair 68008 Blair DMV Offices
Brewster 68821 Brewster DMV Offices
Bridgeport 69336 Bridgeport DMV Offices
Broken Bow 68822 Broken Bow DMV Offices
Burwell 68823 Burwell DMV Offices
Butte 68722 Butte DMV Offices
Center 68724 Center DMV Offices
Central City 68826 Central City DMV Offices
Chadron 69337 Chadron DMV Offices
Chappell 69129 Chappell DMV Offices
Clay Center 68933 Clay Center DMV Offices
Columbus 68601 Columbus DMV Offices
Dakota City 68731 Dakota City DMV Offices
David City 68632 David City DMV Offices
Douglas 68344 Douglas DMV Offices
Elwood 68937 Elwood DMV Offices
Fairbury 68352 Fairbury DMV Offices
Franklin 68939 Franklin DMV Offices
Fremont 68026 Fremont DMV Offices
Fullerton 68638 Fullerton DMV Offices
Geneva 68361 Geneva DMV Offices
Gering 69341 Gering DMV Offices
Grand Island 68801 Grand Island DMV Offices
Grant 69140 Grant DMV Offices
Greeley 68842 Greeley DMV Offices
Harrisburg 69345 Harrisburg DMV Offices
Harrison 69346 Harrison DMV Offices
Hartington 68739 Hartington DMV Offices
Hastings 68901 Hastings DMV Offices
Hayes Center 69032 Hayes Center DMV Offices
Hebron 68370 Hebron DMV Offices
Holdrege 68949 Holdrege DMV Offices
Imperial 69033 Imperial DMV Offices
Kearney 68848 Kearney DMV Offices
Kimball 69145 Kimball DMV Offices
Lexington 68850 Lexington DMV Offices
Lincoln 68503 Lincoln DMV Offices
Loup City 68853 Loup City DMV Offices
Madison 68748 Madison DMV Offices
MC Cook 69001 MC Cook DMV Offices
Minden 68959 Minden DMV Offices
Mullen 69152 Mullen DMV Offices
Nebraska City 68410 Nebraska City DMV Offices
Neligh 68756 Neligh DMV Offices
Nelson 68961 Nelson DMV Offices
North Platte 69101 North Platte DMV Offices
Ogallala 69153 Ogallala DMV Offices
Omaha 68183 Omaha DMV Offices
Omaha 68164 Omaha DMV Offices
Omaha 68137 Omaha DMV Offices
Omaha 68117 Omaha DMV Offices
Oneill 68763 Oneill DMV Offices
Ord 68862 Ord DMV Offices
Oshkosh 69154 Oshkosh DMV Offices
Papillion 68046 Papillion DMV Offices
Pawnee City 68420 Pawnee City DMV Offices
Pender 68047 Pender DMV Offices
Pierce 68767 Pierce DMV Offices
Plattsmouth 68048 Plattsmouth DMV Offices
Ponca 68770 Ponca DMV Offices
Red Cloud 68970 Red Cloud DMV Offices
Rushville 69360 Rushville DMV Offices
Saint Paul 68873 Saint Paul DMV Offices
Schuyler 68661 Schuyler DMV Offices
Seward 68434 Seward DMV Offices
Sidney 69162 Sidney DMV Offices
Stanton 68779 Stanton DMV Offices
Stapleton 69163 Stapleton DMV Offices
Stockville 69042 Stockville DMV Offices
Taylor 68879 Taylor DMV Offices
Tecumseh 68450 Tecumseh DMV Offices
Tekamah 68061 Tekamah DMV Offices
Thedford 69166 Thedford DMV Offices
Trenton 69044 Trenton DMV Offices
Tryon 69167 Tryon DMV Offices
Valentine 69201 Valentine DMV Offices
Wahoo 68066 Wahoo DMV Offices
Wayne 68787 Wayne DMV Offices
West Point 68788 West Point DMV Offices
Wilber 68465 Wilber DMV Offices
York 68467 York DMV Offices

Nebraska DMV Offices – Locations, Office Hours & Phone Numbers

If you own, or plan on owning, a motor vehicle anywhere in the state of Nebraska then chances are you will become quite familiar with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Over the years, the state has implemented quite a few technological advances that have helped drivers gain more access to the licenses and registrations that they need to legally operate a car, truck, or motorcycle anywhere in the state. In addition, many of these services are now available online, saving residents a great deal of time and energy in trying to get to a physical location. Click on the links above to locate Nebraska DMV Offices.

Physical DMV Locations in Nebraska

Each country within Nebraska has its own branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles that handles most registration and licensing needs. It is also important to note that the County Treasurer issues driver’s licenses in Nebraska. If you are unsure about where the nearest office in your county is located, you can go online to the Nebraska DMV website to find out. Exams, registration fees, and license requirements can all be fulfilled at any of the country branch locations. Office hours for most DMV locations are Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm. Keep in mind that all offices are closed on scheduled state and federal holidays.

Online DMV Services in Nebraska

The Nebraska state government has recently implemented new technology that allows residents to complete many items entirely online. For the DMV, this involves an array of driver license, vehicle, and motor carrier services that are now offered online. Traffic tickets can now be paid online, as can fees for a driver record search. Residents can also apply for a new or replacement driver’s license online, and they are able to pay any necessary reinstatement fees as well. For other services that are offered in the area of driver services, Internet users can search the website.

For any resident needing to renew their license plates, that can now be done entirely online as well. It is also possible to inquiry about the title of an automobile, and get an estimate of the tax to be owed online as well. There are also quite a few motor carrier services that can be completed online at the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicle website, so be sure to take advantage of that feature.

Nebraska DMV Offices
Nebraska DMV Offices

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