Maine BMV Offices - Locations, Hours, Phone Numbers & Driving Records
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Maine BMV Offices

City Zip Details
Augusta 4330 Augusta BMV Offices
Bangor 4401 Bangor BMV Offices
Belfast 4915 Belfast BMV Offices
Bingham 4920 Bingham BMV Offices
Calais 4619 Calais BMV Offices
Caribou 4736 Caribou BMV Offices
Danforth 4424 Danforth BMV Offices
Ellsworth 4605 Ellsworth BMV Offices
Fort Kent 4743 Fort Kent BMV Offices
Jackman 4945 Jackman BMV Offices
Kennebunk 4043 Kennebunk BMV Offices
Kittery 3904 Kittery BMV Offices
Lewiston 4240 Lewiston BMV Offices
Lincoln 4457 Lincoln BMV Offices
Machias 4654 Machias BMV Offices
Madawaska 4756 Madawaska BMV Offices
Mexico 4257 Mexico BMV Offices
Milbridge 4658 Milbridge BMV Offices
Plainville 6062 Plainville BMV Offices
Portland 4103 Portland BMV Offices
Skowhegan 4976 Skowhegan BMV Offices
South Paris 4281 South Paris BMV Offices
South Portland 4106 South Portland BMV Offices
Springvale 4083 Springvale BMV Offices
Thomaston 4861 Thomaston BMV Offices
Topsham 4086 Topsham BMV Offices
West Farmington 4992 West Farmington BMV Offices
West Hartford 6119 West Hartford BMV Offices
York 3909 York BMV Offices

Maine BMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles handles issuance of driver’s licenses and takes care of titling for motor vehicles, titling, and other matters regarding registration. The BMV’s official site provides information regarding locations and hours, and immediate contact details for the offices near you. Specific Maine BMV offices can be found in the above list.

Maine BMV understands that your time is precious and that the opportunity cost of you making the trip to an office near you is too much. Therefore, what is dubbed as ‘Vacationland’, allows you to access educational driver’s resources online as well as make many of the transactions that you wait in line for at the official site as well.

All standard driver services are handled via the BMV. The online site lets you access forms and applications for Investigations, Title of the car, registration of the car, motor carrier service, dealership, and for obtaining your driving license. Other than this, individuals can also use the site to download forms for law enforcement driver’s license, and other education forms.

For commercial vehicles, the Maine BMV office is responsible for the International Registration Plan, Issuance of Over-limit permit, Unified Carrier Registration, Intrastate Operating Authority, and International Fuel Tax Agreement regulation. Through the official site you can access programs such as trailer permits; look up the inspection of commercial vehicle safety, the site also lists external links that you can use to help you walk through the entire process.

You can also check if you are eligible for a dealer license online and if not what you need in order to be. If you find that you are, just fill out the form provided. In case you would need it, the site provides a free training manual for new dealers looking to apply for their license.

Maine BMV Offices

Maine BMV Offices

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