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Kentucky MVL Offices

City Zip Details
Albany 42602 Albany MVL Offices
Alexandria 41001 Alexandria MVL Offices
Ashland 41114 Ashland MVL Offices
Barbourville 40906 Barbourville MVL Offices
Bardstown 40004 Bardstown MVL Offices
Bardwell 42023 Bardwell MVL Offices
Beattyville 41311 Beattyville MVL Offices
Bedford 40006 Bedford MVL Offices
Belfry 41514 Belfry MVL Offices
Benton 42025 Benton MVL Offices
Berea 40403 Berea MVL Offices
Booneville 41314 Booneville MVL Offices
Bowling Green 42101 Bowling Green MVL Offices
Brandenburg 40108 Brandenburg MVL Offices
Brooksville 41004 Brooksville MVL Offices
Brownsville 42210 Brownsville MVL Offices
Burkesville 42717 Burkesville MVL Offices
Burlington 41005 Burlington MVL Offices
Cadiz 42211 Cadiz MVL Offices
Calhoun 42327 Calhoun MVL Offices
Campbellsville 42718 Campbellsville MVL Offices
Campton 41301 Campton MVL Offices
Carlisle 40311 Carlisle MVL Offices
Carrollton 41008 Carrollton MVL Offices
Catlettsburg 41129 Catlettsburg MVL Offices
Central City 42330 Central City MVL Offices
Clinton 42031 Clinton MVL Offices
Columbia 42728 Columbia MVL Offices
Corbin 40701 Corbin MVL Offices
Covington 41012 Covington MVL Offices
Cynthiana 41031 Cynthiana MVL Offices
Danville 40422 Danville MVL Offices
Dixon 42409 Dixon MVL Offices
Eddyville 42038 Eddyville MVL Offices
Edmonton 42129 Edmonton MVL Offices
Elizabethtown 42702 Elizabethtown MVL Offices
Elkhorn City 41522 Elkhorn City MVL Offices
Elkton 42220 Elkton MVL Offices
Erlanger 41018 Erlanger MVL Offices
Falmouth 41040 Falmouth MVL Offices
Flatwoods 41139 Flatwoods MVL Offices
Flemingsburg 41041 Flemingsburg MVL Offices
Florence 41042 Florence MVL Offices
Fordsville 42343 Fordsville MVL Offices
Frankfort 40602 Frankfort MVL Offices
Franklin 42134 Franklin MVL Offices
Frenchburg 40322 Frenchburg MVL Offices
Georgetown 40324 Georgetown MVL Offices
Glasgow 42141 Glasgow MVL Offices
Grayson 41143 Grayson MVL Offices
Greensburg 42743 Greensburg MVL Offices
Greenup 41144 Greenup MVL Offices
Greenville 42345 Greenville MVL Offices
Hardinsburg 40143 Hardinsburg MVL Offices
Harlan 40831 Harlan MVL Offices
Harrodsburg 40330 Harrodsburg MVL Offices
Hartford 42347 Hartford MVL Offices
Hawesville 42348 Hawesville MVL Offices
Hazard 41702 Hazard MVL Offices
Henderson 42419 Henderson MVL Offices
Hickman 42050 Hickman MVL Offices
Hindman 41822 Hindman MVL Offices
Hodgenville 42748 Hodgenville MVL Offices
Hopkinsville 42240 Hopkinsville MVL Offices
Hyden 41749 Hyden MVL Offices
Independence 41051 Independence MVL Offices
Inez 41224 Inez MVL Offices
Irvine 40336 Irvine MVL Offices
Irvington 40146 Irvington MVL Offices
Jackson 41339 Jackson MVL Offices
Jamestown 42629 Jamestown MVL Offices
La Grange 40031 La Grange MVL Offices
Lancaster 40444 Lancaster MVL Offices
Lawrenceburg 40342 Lawrenceburg MVL Offices
Lebanon 40033 Lebanon MVL Offices
Leitchfield 42754 Leitchfield MVL Offices
Lexington 40507 Lexington MVL Offices
Liberty 42539 Liberty MVL Offices
London 40743 London MVL Offices
Louisa 41230 Louisa MVL Offices
Louisville 40206 Louisville MVL Offices
Madisonville 42431 Madisonville MVL Offices
Manchester 40962 Manchester MVL Offices
Marion 42064 Marion MVL Offices
Mayfield 42066 Mayfield MVL Offices
MC Kee 40447 MC Kee MVL Offices
Middlesboro 40965 Middlesboro MVL Offices
Monticello 42633 Monticello MVL Offices
Morehead 40351 Morehead MVL Offices
Morganfield 42437 Morganfield MVL Offices
Morgantown 42261 Morgantown MVL Offices
Mount Olivet 41064 Mount Olivet MVL Offices
Mount Sterling 40353 Mount Sterling MVL Offices
Mount Vernon 40456 Mount Vernon MVL Offices
Munfordville 42765 Munfordville MVL Offices
Murray 42071 Murray MVL Offices
New Castle 40050 New Castle MVL Offices
Newport 41071 Newport MVL Offices
Nicholasville 40356 Nicholasville MVL Offices
Olive Hill 41164 Olive Hill MVL Offices
Owensboro 42302 Owensboro MVL Offices
Owenton 40359 Owenton MVL Offices
Owingsville 40360 Owingsville MVL Offices
Paducah 42002 Paducah MVL Offices
Paintsville 41240 Paintsville MVL Offices
Paris 40361 Paris MVL Offices
Phelps 41553 Phelps MVL Offices
Pikeville 41502 Pikeville MVL Offices
Pineville 40977 Pineville MVL Offices
Preston 40366 Preston MVL Offices
Prestonsburg 41653 Prestonsburg MVL Offices
Princeton 42445 Princeton MVL Offices
Radcliff 40160 Radcliff MVL Offices
Richmond 40475 Richmond MVL Offices
Russellville 42276 Russellville MVL Offices
Salyersville 41465 Salyersville MVL Offices
Sandy Hook 41171 Sandy Hook MVL Offices
Scottsville 42164 Scottsville MVL Offices
Shelbyville 40066 Shelbyville MVL Offices
Shepherdsville 40165 Shepherdsville MVL Offices
Smithland 42081 Smithland MVL Offices
Somerset 42501 Somerset MVL Offices
South Shore 41175 South Shore MVL Offices
Springfield 40069 Springfield MVL Offices
Stanford 40484 Stanford MVL Offices
Stanton 40380 Stanton MVL Offices
Taylorsville 40071 Taylorsville MVL Offices
Tompkinsville 42167 Tompkinsville MVL Offices
Vanceburg 41179 Vanceburg MVL Offices
Versailles 40383 Versailles MVL Offices
Warsaw 41095 Warsaw MVL Offices
West Liberty 41472 West Liberty MVL Offices
Whitesburg 41858 Whitesburg MVL Offices
Whitley City 42653 Whitley City MVL Offices
Wickliffe 42087 Wickliffe MVL Offices
Williamsburg 40769 Williamsburg MVL Offices
Williamstown 41097 Williamstown MVL Offices
Winchester 40392 Winchester MVL Offices

Kentucky MVL Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing Office is in charge of making sure that your vehicle registration is up to date and lets you get in touch with different County Clerk Office locations in order to make the process as easy as possible. Technically it is the Transportation cabinet for the state that looks over driver’s license issuance, and takes care of vehicle titles, and all other registration matters. Find Kentucky MVL offices in the above directory.

You can save yourself the time and the trip to the licensing office near you by completing many of the tasks through Kentucky MVL’s official website.

The most common services sought out online for Kentucky driver’s permit include applying and obtaining a driver’s license and a driver’s permit, submitting the KY reinstatement payment, applying for a motorcycle license, applying online for a commercial driver’s license, renewing driver’s license, requesting a replacement for lost license, taking care of traffic tickets on time, making changes to information filed online with the MVL office.

Other than executing transactions through the official site, MVL has also provided plenty of different resources for users online, so that they may be able to learn how the different processes that go towards vehicle and driving regulations take place.

Individuals can order driving records and history of other drivers they would like to hire from the site. For this, the site takes convenience a step ahead, the site directs how you may be able to get a background check on the commercial driver.

The MVL office claims to receive thousands of applications for vehicle titles every day and also sends out over 80 separate vehicle titles on a daily basis. You can navigate the different sections of the website for MVL Kentucky to get a better understanding of the services offered.

Kentucky MVL Offices
Kentucky MVL Offices

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