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Iowa DOT Offices

City Zip Details
Adel 50003 Adel DOT Offices
Albia 52531 Albia DOT Offices
Algona 50511 Algona DOT Offices
Allison 50602 Allison DOT Offices
Anamosa 52205 Anamosa DOT Offices
Atlantic 50022 Atlantic DOT Offices
Audubon 50025 Audubon DOT Offices
Bedford 50833 Bedford DOT Offices
Belle Plaine 52208 Belle Plaine DOT Offices
Bloomfield 52537 Bloomfield DOT Offices
Boone 50036 Boone DOT Offices
Burlington 52601 Burlington DOT Offices
Carroll 51401 Carroll DOT Offices
Cedar Rapids 52402 Cedar Rapids DOT Offices
Cedar Rapids 52404 Cedar Rapids DOT Offices
Centerville 52544 Centerville DOT Offices
Chariton 50049 Chariton DOT Offices
Charles City 50616 Charles City DOT Offices
Cherokee 51012 Cherokee DOT Offices
Clarinda 51632 Clarinda DOT Offices
Clarion 50525 Clarion DOT Offices
Clinton 52732 Clinton DOT Offices
Corning 50841 Corning DOT Offices
Corydon 50060 Corydon DOT Offices
Council Bluffs 51503 Council Bluffs DOT Offices
Cresco 52136 Cresco DOT Offices
Creston 50801 Creston DOT Offices
Dakota City 50529 Dakota City DOT Offices
Davenport 52806 Davenport DOT Offices
Davenport 52801 Davenport DOT Offices
Decorah 52101 Decorah DOT Offices
Denison 51442 Denison DOT Offices
Des Moines 50306 Des Moines DOT Offices
Des Moines 50309 Des Moines DOT Offices
Dubuque 52001 Dubuque DOT Offices
Dubuque 52002 Dubuque DOT Offices
Dyersville 52040 Dyersville DOT Offices
Eldora 50627 Eldora DOT Offices
Elkader 52043 Elkader DOT Offices
Emmetsburg 50536 Emmetsburg DOT Offices
Estherville 51334 Estherville DOT Offices
Fairfield 52556 Fairfield DOT Offices
Forest City 50436 Forest City DOT Offices
Fort Dodge 50501 Fort Dodge DOT Offices
Fort Madison 52627 Fort Madison DOT Offices
Garner 50438 Garner DOT Offices
Glenwood 51534 Glenwood DOT Offices
Greenfield 50849 Greenfield DOT Offices
Grundy Center 50638 Grundy Center DOT Offices
Guthrie Center 50115 Guthrie Center DOT Offices
Hampton 50441 Hampton DOT Offices
Harlan 51537 Harlan DOT Offices
Ida Grove 51445 Ida Grove DOT Offices
Independence 50644 Independence DOT Offices
Indianola 50125 Indianola DOT Offices
Iowa City 52240 Iowa City DOT Offices
Jefferson 50129 Jefferson DOT Offices
Keokuk 52632 Keokuk DOT Offices
Keosauqua 52565 Keosauqua DOT Offices
Knoxville 50138 Knoxville DOT Offices
Le Mars 51031 Le Mars DOT Offices
Leon 50144 Leon DOT Offices
Logan 51546 Logan DOT Offices
Manchester 52057 Manchester DOT Offices
Maquoketa 52060 Maquoketa DOT Offices
Marengo 52301 Marengo DOT Offices
Marshalltown 50158 Marshalltown DOT Offices
Mason City 50401 Mason City DOT Offices
Montezuma 50171 Montezuma DOT Offices
Mount Ayr 50854 Mount Ayr DOT Offices
Mount Pleasant 52641 Mount Pleasant DOT Offices
Muscatine 52761 Muscatine DOT Offices
Nevada 50201 Nevada DOT Offices
New Hampton 50659 New Hampton DOT Offices
Newton 50208 Newton DOT Offices
Northwood 50459 Northwood DOT Offices
Onawa 51040 Onawa DOT Offices
Orange City 51041 Orange City DOT Offices
Osage 50461 Osage DOT Offices
Osceola 50213 Osceola DOT Offices
Oskaloosa 52577 Oskaloosa DOT Offices
Ottumwa 52501 Ottumwa DOT Offices
Pocahontas 50574 Pocahontas DOT Offices
Primghar 51245 Primghar DOT Offices
Red Oak 51566 Red Oak DOT Offices
Rock Rapids 51246 Rock Rapids DOT Offices
Rockwell City 50579 Rockwell City DOT Offices
Sac City 50583 Sac City DOT Offices
Sibley 51249 Sibley DOT Offices
Sidney 51652 Sidney DOT Offices
Sigourney 52591 Sigourney DOT Offices
Sioux City 51104 Sioux City DOT Offices
Sioux City 51101 Sioux City DOT Offices
Spencer 51301 Spencer DOT Offices
Spirit Lake 51360 Spirit Lake DOT Offices
Storm Lake 50588 Storm Lake DOT Offices
Tipton 52772 Tipton DOT Offices
Toledo 52342 Toledo DOT Offices
Vinton 52349 Vinton DOT Offices
Wapello 52653 Wapello DOT Offices
Washington 52353 Washington DOT Offices
Waterloo 50703 Waterloo DOT Offices
Waterloo 50702 Waterloo DOT Offices
Waukon 52172 Waukon DOT Offices
Waverly 50677 Waverly DOT Offices
Webster City 50595 Webster City DOT Offices
West Union 52175 West Union DOT Offices
Winterset 50273 Winterset DOT Offices

Iowa DOT Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The Iowa Department of Transportation offices are responsible for everything related to driver’s licenses, driver records, and driver’s license issuance. The Office of Motor Carrier Services handles vehicle matters, and for further convenience takes the help of the county treasurers for the processes of vehicle titling and registration. Iowa DOT offices can be found above.

There are three divisions within the DOT, the most visible is the highway division which is responsible for acquiring rights, designing highways, and ensuring the maintenance of both primary and interstate highways. The second division is the planning division which works with different modes of transportation. The planning and research part of the division handles and pouts together statistical data for analyzing impacts through finance. The third division is the motor vehicle division and is mainly responsible for licensing commercial and non commercial drivers. The division also regulates restrictions that come with eligibility for obtaining a license and vehicle title.

On the official site of the state’s DOT site, you will find information and ways to complete important tasks that you would otherwise have to visit the DMV offices to complete. So save yourself the trip and use the online website for license renewal, reporting stolen or lost paperwork, learning about the process of obtaining a license and the correct fees that goes with it, accessing manuals offered for free to users, looking up practice tests, requesting driving records and history, learning more about conditions regarding revocations and suspensions.

No need to book an appointment with the DMV on what you need in order to operate as a dealer/ seller for vehicles. The site has a whole different section for teenage drivers with their own set of requirements for obtaining a license to drive, taking practice tests, etc.

Iowa DOT Offices
Iowa DOT Offices

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