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Alaska DMV Offices

City Zip Details
Anchorage 99501 Anchorage DMV Offices
Anchorage 99503 Anchorage DMV Offices
Anderson 99744 Anderson DMV Offices
Barrow 99723 Barrow DMV Offices
Bethel 99559 Bethel DMV Offices
Cordova 99574 Cordova DMV Offices
Craig 99921 Craig DMV Offices
Delta Junction 99737 Delta Junction DMV Offices
Dillingham 99576 Dillingham DMV Offices
Eagle River 99577 Eagle River DMV Offices
Elmendorf AFB 99506 Elmendorf AFB DMV Offices
Fairbanks 99709 Fairbanks DMV Offices
Glennallen 99588 Glennallen DMV Offices
Haines 99827 Haines DMV Offices
Homer 99603 Homer DMV Offices
Juneau 99801 Juneau DMV Offices
Ketchikan 99901 Ketchikan DMV Offices
King Salmon 99613 King Salmon DMV Offices
Kodiak 99615 Kodiak DMV Offices
Kotzebue 99752 Kotzebue DMV Offices
Nome 99762 Nome DMV Offices
Palmer 99645 Palmer DMV Offices
Petersburg 99833 Petersburg DMV Offices
Seward 99664 Seward DMV Offices
Sitka 99835 Sitka DMV Offices
Skagway 99840 Skagway DMV Offices
Soldotna 99669 Soldotna DMV Offices
Tok 99780 Tok DMV Offices
Trapper Creek 99683 Trapper Creek DMV Offices
Unalaska 99685 Unalaska DMV Offices
Valdez 99686 Valdez DMV Offices
Wasilla 99654 Wasilla DMV Offices
Wrangell 99929 Wrangell DMV Offices
Yakutat 99689 Yakutat DMV Offices

Alaska DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles Office is responsible for overseeing the issuance of all Driver Licenses in the state, as well the Identification Card issuance in Alaska. The offices around state for Alaska DMV are responsible for renewals, vehicle titling and registration. See the listings above for Alaska DMV offices.

The Online Services

The official site of Alaska DMV shows you the different areas around the state they have opened offices and what their timings of operation are. You can check at each location whether they offer vehicle inspection, road tests by appointment and so on. These apply for both commercial and non commercial vehicle affairs.

The motto of the online service section of the Alaska DMV Offices site says online equals no line, and then a myriad of tasks that you can complete without having to drive all the way to the office. So before you get ready for any of the things regarding your car’s paperwork look it up. The DMV site lets you request your Driving Record. You can renew your vehicle registration directly from the site, if you have moved you can change your details for the office, order personalized plates online, schedule a road test, and even use this portal to register to vote. There are forms for drivers for renewing licenses, reporting vehicle crashes, and even accessing helpful resources like Defensive Driving Learning Courses.

The online site also lets you make basic registrations online. Users can also go through the correct process in the event you lose your registration plates. Special registration needs are also catered to here, including registration for snow machines and boats. In addition to that there is a whole page dedicated to the procedure for obtaining title for a vehicle. In Alaska, you must transfer the title within 30 days of the purchase of a vehicle.

Alaska DMV Offices
Alaska DMV Offices

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